Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Today, I can imagine how it feels to be helpless in a stupid situation.


Eyore Night Shirt
Well, It is Saturday and Im a lazy bum on weekends. One thing I hate to do on weekends is have a bath unless I have to step out of the house. I can roam around the house dirty in my long "Eeyore-Sad donkey" tshirt all day and not be guilty about it.

My society has this practise of cleaning the water tanks once a month, that is good.
It seems they had informed the society members of the water cut for 12 hours on Saturday, which my family knew. But, since no one was there at home when I woke up I had no idea of the water cut.

After a lot of pep talk to myself, I went to bathe myself.
The water through the faucet was kind of weak, I thought it must be an faucet issue.
Shampooed my hair, lathered myself with nice soap.

And And And........the dripping water vanished..

I was there all naked with shampoo sliding on my face, one eye open, cursing the water line.
I dont know how long was I sitting there staring at the wall and seeing every crevice of the bathroom, trying to wash away the shampoo with whatever little water was left.

And suddenly, the water motor turns on...

Trust me I have never been so happy at the sound of any motor, after like 2-3 minutes the faucet opened and I felt blessed.

Lessons Learnt
Faucet Image Courtesy: Google Images
1. If you hate bathing, dont pep talk yourself
2. Get up early even on weekends so that you get enough information of what id going on around you
3. Never take anything for granted, especially water
4. Love every faucet, every
non living thing in your house. Some day you are going to be grateful to them

This post  is written for ABCW-W

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ABCW: Veil of a Woman

I am a lamp without wicks. But I can burn you down.
I am that mothers of new-born's and brides fear.
I am the one they ward against with a black dot on their child's cheek.
I'm the reason why pregnant women are kept indoors.
I cause sisters to worry about their brothers.
I make mothers weep for their sons and I m the reason why wives want to keep their husbands away

I am the one you fear in the dark.
Picture Courtesy: http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com
I'm the one with claws and fangs.
I'm the one with power of seduction

I can turn the milk sour with my touch.
I can burn the grass to ashes.
Marshes dry when I walk on them.
Rain clouds dissipate when I raise my eyes on them

Men fall to the power of my charms
Women curse their fate

I'm the nightmare young wives wake up from.
I'm the rustle of  skirts women dread

I'm the ghoul that damns gene pools and feasts on husbands.
I carry back, every fear, every dark secret, every hushed whisper known to human mind.

My skin is soft, eyes are like pearls, my voice sounds like distant bells, the curve of my being makes men go on their knees

In real, my opaque skin, the claws and fangs are here to take them away from their women.

My name spelt aloud leads to destruction.

I'm that woman, residing in every woman.

This post is written for ABCW - V

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old Songs Vs New

I have the habit of humming songs when I am at home or work.
My genre of songs vary, ranging from EDM's to Indi-pop to 90's pop, its mostly Bollywood-new & old.

I realized, I am more well versed with the lyrics of old songs than the new.
I can barely remember more than 2 lines of the recent songs like either current trending or the recent past like say about 2 years.

But, I can sing the whole song that was released much before I was even born.


PC: Media lic
1. Now a days most of the songs is a party song with girls in skimpy outfits, smoke, dope, daru, a few Delhi references here and there and lots of boom boom
2. The slow songs have no become repetitive, the music, the tone, the tune all sound similar
3. Insane lyrics

The irony is, I actually remember the whole songs with its music of those that were released much before I was born.
I also remember broken lyrics of the songs that were released in the 90's

Is it that the songs quality has deteriorated or is it that my memorizing capacity is reduced?

TT & ABCW: Untamed Soul

PC: Flickr
I love her for what she is
I love her for what she makes me feel when I am with her

Pretending to hate her is the most difficult part of my life
One sight of her make my heart feel alive

I want to take her in my arms, look into her beautiful eyes and tell her How much I love her

A brush of her finger, make my every nerve tingle
A smile from her feels like a beautiful jingle

I meet her, I insult her
I play the love-hate game with her

Oh sweet Baby girl
All I want to say is I keep thinking about you all night & day
I know I have hurt you, but I never wanted to
I do so, to not in fall in love with you

I know I have lost you to time
Thanks to the ego of mine

I wish I could tell you sometime
I did all, to run away from an Untamed Soul like you

This post is written for Theme Thursday - Soul & ABCW-Untamed Soul