Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ABCW: Time

A few days back someone asked me "So, when do you plan to have a baby?"

PC: Nancyaruegg
Without another thought I answered "It will happen when the Time comes, why worry"

It was later that this thought came to me.
Time, plays such a major part in our lives.
From the smallest to the biggest incidents in our lives is controlled by Time
Time & Hope seem to go hand in hand, sometimes go total opposite direction

From births to deaths
From marriages to divorces
From sweethearts to heart breaks
From accidents to planned moments

There are so many times that people come out of a gruesome accident without a scratch and say "I think my time was good"
There are also many times that a person dies after a minor fall even then we say "guess it was his time to go".
Sometimes some incidents make us say "Let’s see when the time comes"

Time is something that is so not known to us still we depend so much on it.
Time heals physical and emotional scars in a person
Time makes or breaks a relationship 
Time doesn’t wait for anyone

I somehow believe that everything is timed

Would I ever want to travel in my past or future? No
What is gone can’t be changed. What has to happen, will happen

It’s Better to Live today, Learn from yesterday and Long for tomorrow. You never know when time ends

This post is written for ABCW-T

Monday, November 23, 2015

No Phone but Lots of peace

In these days, when cell phone have become an inseparable part of us, its weird to think the some years back we never had cell phones & still we survived happily.
Then we started using those black and white phones and slowly we promoted ourselves to touchscreen phones.
Now, everything from keeping in touch with people, reminding birthdays, making a grocery list, browsing for jobs, replying to emails, shopping, clicking pictures, searching for recipes , even eating and ordering food is now on phone.
We have dual sim phones. dual sim two phones, for god knows why.

Its like another limb.

So, what happens if this phone stops working? I'll tell you what happens.
You feel disconnected, your hand  automatically goes to the unlock of the cell phone.

Well, my touchscreen phone went for a toss, and my work involves a lot of calls all day, so I desperately needed a spare phone to at least receive calls. 

So I got myself a Nokia 130 - palm sized, button phone, with a 26-day battery life, dual sim and a Snake game & that's it.

No Bluetooth (my ears are connected to the Bluetooth head set when I travel, or drive)
No basic browsing
No Whatsapp, No Facebook. No twitter. No Google. No Google Calender. No emails. No other games. 

Now I realize, how addicted I was to my phone.

I was feeling like a person addicted to drugs. I had to have my daily dope of "Good Morning", Morning masala's on Facebook, & Times of India pop-ups, emails to keep me sane.
Pressing those buttons seem to be a pain now.

Now, I am sitting here relaxed & feeling like a nirvana from tech, all that urge to consistently check my emails 7 messages has considerably reduced.

I do miss my phone. but its ok. Its not my limb anymore.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mumbai to Bangalore :D to :(

Right, so I was in Mumbai for the past whole week, where it was warm, balmy, a tad bit humid but good for my skin, hair & bones.
Then, I landed to Bangalore wearing this Deepika Padukone's airport look-alike sleeveless top, I get off that airplane and Whoosssshhhh! a cold, bone chilling blast of air freezes my facial nerves & I am like
(Left) Mumbai to (Right) Bangalore
Alright, I walk to the bus stop outside the airport and what I see?
Its drizzling, Goddammit! 
It's not just rains rains, It does not gives way to sunlight & warmth (this word I will emphasize)
It just drizzles, like a revengeful bitch, it just wants to drench you enough for shivering all the way home but not soak you all over.

I reach my apartment & see sad kids trying hard to make one cracker burst without the rains spoiling the whole fun of Diwali (Poor thing!)

I reach home & realize that I am sleepy, not because I was tired, it was because outside it was all chilling & grey and I had work next day, and I was cent percent sure that I wont be able to bring myself to ditch my comfortable quilt and get off that bed.

Look Bengaluru, I love you OK. But you need to know this, you are already slow enough to make people sleep all day, please don't make extra efforts to put people to sleep

And Dear Rain,
Why? Why you no come after Diwali?

Monday, November 16, 2015


This is a festive season, and Yay I am so happy.

This is my first Diwali after getting married so it happens to be a mandate to go to my "maika"

*happy tears*
Happy tears were for so many reasons

1. Home, Mom, Dad, Little bro
2. Street food - . Butter wala pav bhaji, pani puri, cheese chilli sandwich, dabeli, bhelpuri, bun maska & chai, misal pav
3. Gaalis in hindi & shivis in Marathi sound so awesome
4. Flee market, street shopping
5. Crowded trains (Yes, I love it!)
6. Meter-wala auto rickshaw
7. A week long vacation

Well, its not that I haven't been to Mumbai for the past 10 months, but my visits have been just a weekend stint, where I mostly eat mom cooked food and sleep on my little ol' bed

This time the icing on the cake, were gifts, lots and lots of gifts, returned back to beautiful fairy lights, colorful rangolis, so much love, so much fun.

Diwali, How I love you XOXOXOXOXO

And here I am writing this post, after a week long of bliss on a chilly, rainy, sleepy Monday.