Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ABCW: Patriotism

She wears no uniform
She has no rank
She doesn't know to use no guns
She doesn't know any exercises

But, she feels every move of her man
She knows every name of the weapon he uses
She knows what rank he is in
She adorns a silent uniform
PC: Pintrest

While he is there fearless
She silently fears & prays

While he protects his country
She protects his heart & his family

Her man sacrifices himself for the country
So does she

Away he is from his family
Away she is from her love

He comes home, and summoned again
With tears she bids Goodbye
Not knowing when she would see him again
Hope she has & faith in Him

She hugs herself, She dries her own tears
She never shows him, that she misses him
For she knows, he would worry
She is his weakness, but stands as his strength

He gets praises & salutes
But, isn't she the true patriot, and deserves a salute?

This post is written for ABCW - P - Patriotism

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ABCW: Mother

This is my mother -Love you Mom

As a kid when I got hurt & your eyes well up
A hug from you and my life lights up

Even now, away from you
I get hurt and I so miss you

You had a solution to every problem my life threw
Your food made with love is with what I grew

My heart is you; I am a part of you

In your arms, I felt safe every night
I fell sick and always made a bad sight
You stayed up for me all night
What am I without you?

In different cities now
I fight with you and how

I want to you to know
I love you Mom, I just don’t show

This poem is dedicated to my mom who stays 600 miles away from me. I want to tell her Thank you for everything she has done for me. I also want to tell her sorry for every time I have hurt her.

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - M