Thursday, September 24, 2015

3WW: Lift

What is scary?
Getting stuck in the lift

What is scarier?
Getting stuck in the lift alone

What is panic?
When you dial the emergency number and no one picks up

What is pathetically panic?
When the lights in the lift go off, weird music comes on, light flickers furiously and everything turns dark

What is a heart attack situation?
Your shoulder being tapped in the lift that you were supposedly alone in
And someone comes near your ears and says "You are a righteous girl, now you shall be come out of your sedated state when I click this button

This is what happened in "The Great Hypnosis Show"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


These days after technology has taken over our lives, Whatsapp, Viber, SMS, hangouts, all are designed for people to "chat" with their hands.
And Imagine, you are having typed in a long message to someone and press 'Send" and get a reply "K"
Like only "K'
How irritating is that, I hate it, I hate the 2 letter shortcut of a 4 letter work sliced into a rude 1 alphabet word
Okay became OK became K
K isnt Ok in a conversation. Its a conversation Killer
I mean seriously, how difficult is it to type 2 alphabets? 

And Why do people reply with a "K"?

1. Fine, I heard it and i don't give a damn

2. Enough already

3. Are we done yet?

4. I am not interested in you or this conversation

5. I am angry

No emotion warrants a "K" .Atleast type an "OK"

How do we feel when we see a "K" after a long meaningful conversation
 What are the ideal responses for a "K"?

Next time please remember, when you reply with a "K" someone somewhere is killing you in their heads

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - K
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Monday, September 21, 2015

ABCW & Mag: Morning Frost

photo by Tess Kincaid

First rain, Early morning frost
Deep in thoughts I drew, girl on a lonely night
With the moon beside
I realize, that is who I am
A hollow girl in the dew
Come sunshine, I shall vanish
No one would ever know
That once a hollow girl stood there on a lonely night
With the half moon shining so bright

This post is written for Magpie Tales - Mag 286
This post is written for ABCW - M

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ABCW: Happiness

What is Happiness?

I was sitting alone in a cafe, and was thinking to myself Am I Happy?

Today,in this phase in my life right now
I'm Happy..yes, really I'm at totally happy and contented and at peace

I'm at peace with my accident

I'm at peace with my family

I'm at peace with my not-so-skyrocketing career

I'm at peace with my achievements, my failures

I'm at peace with my imperfections

I'm at peace with my lost relationships

I even tweet quotes or write some blog posts, when I read them back I seriously wonder "Wow, Did I seriously write that?" and that really feels good.

I don't say I don't have mood swings, I still have my flaring tempers and bouts of tears, but it's just human nature, isn't it?

I still haven't achieved anything big, or even close to what I dream for
But, now it just feels like that's how its meant to be

It is just a beautiful feeling to be best friends with yourself and best friends with your life.
The whole world starts to look as awesome as it could be.

There was a time in life, when I had everything I wanted, lot of friends, lot of money but something was missing.I wasn't really happy.

Now, I don't have so many things that I want. but it just feels contented and its very liberating in some ways

There comes a point in life where you feel complete.
This is my moment of feeling truly complete, my moment of of Happiness

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - H