Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Game: What If?

I played a game ‘What If” it asked me 10 random questions and asked me to reply with the first thing that comes to my mind

  • What if you were to die tomorrow? What would you wish you could do before you die?
Say bye to everyone, and Love you tons to my mummy, daddy, brother and husband. Say sorry to whomever I have ever hurt & eat a nice big pizza, chocolate cake and dance all the way

  • What if you had unlimited time, money and resources?
Would buy a house, decorate it, an automatic car, book myself and my family a world tour and shop

  • What if you get a chance to do something always wanted to do but have not done yet?
Bungee jumping, skydiving,

  • What if you are given a choice of 3 countries, places or locations you want to visit?
Rome, Italy, USA, actually I can think of more places Egypt, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Paris, London

  • What if you get to see one particular person right now who would it be?
Ash—n or Vigh  

  • What is that one experiences do you want to have / feel?
Am not sure about this

  • What  is it that you want a 100% off on right now?

  • What if you get a chance to make a call 5 people who are no more?
Grandpa, Grandma, Divya Bharti, Jiah Khan & Kuljeet Randhawa

  • What will you do if you get to meet an alien?
I would want to learn their language (if they have one)

  • What if you get to be a part of a TV show, which TV show would you want to be in?
GoT, Pretty Little Liars, House of Cards, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Tell me what would be your reply for these questions

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Blog is especially for all you people who have a profile on FACEBOOK. 
This is one of the sites that has hit the records with the youth from all over the world. You meet friends, Chat with friends, meet friends of friends and at times meet certain schmucks too.
These jerks are famous for
a) Bad Vocabulary
b) Strangers with strange requests
c) Very desperate

Many people especially the Females get a load of such FACEBOOK JERKS. Let’s call them FJ's

It’s very easy to spot these FJ's on social sites. For starters they put up a sexy looking celeb pics. They come over randomly with their vocab that can make people forget their basic grammar.
And they are famous for sending random Friendship request and Messages in our Inbox’s.

Initially, when I started social networking sometime in 2007, there were no heavy security or privacy policies, at least not that I was aware of. So I like many others got used to getting so many FJ's day in and day out
"Hi..You want to do fraandsheeps with me".
These are one of the normal kinds of requests from the FJ's.

Then comes the bit advanced stage of Jerkism.
"I whant to make frendshaps to you...."
God I mean I know people make love but how the hell does one make FRENDSHAP. Now whatever that SHAP means.

There are different levels for such FJ's.
The Level 3 FJ's are the ones who Friendship request would sound like some message on a telegram. ”I you frandship". Now that was small n short and a sure rejection.

The level 4 FJ's are the desperate ones.
"Pleaje do freingship to me pls pls pls plz plz" 
Now that really sounds desperate to me or "I be your forever friend" 
Forever friend huh? What on this planet is a FOREVER FRIEND?

One of the requests that my friend had received "I whant to make love to your frandships"
Now What the hell did he mean by saying that? I need an explanation

This is the best FJ's.
The ones that leave me laughing for a long time, with their awesome iinglisss.
There was one that I had got.
I’m going to Ctrl C+Ctrl V with the eggjact same words that he used hi gaugeus (wh..what? geyser, gauge, gaugeus? What? btw he meant gorgeous) me frandshiping with u u agri (it means agree, atleast that’s what I assume)  ..I do not understand. What had gone into him?..sheeeesssshhh.
I really don't agri

There was this One that left me into splits "u wishes..So I come to be yours friend.. No Poblem. I think now i am not the stranger for u...I in dream yours...Now I be you friend. U also Be mines friend..ok"
What he meant to say is "I wished for him. So he has come be my friend. He comes in my dreams and I am his friend and he is mine" (Not in my wildest dreams will I ever think of dreaming about him for sure). But I can never forget this request in my entire life.
After a rejection he came back with another request saying "Your profile is very fundu...You also "vhery cooeat"(in case you din get it..he meant "very cute").I be you dream preeince." (My dream prince? And I just turned into a frog)
God Bless Me

The last but certainly the worst kind of FJ's.
These guys send requests that are in coded forms, like the one that one my girl-pals got.
This one really take the top position “I scene urs profiles. Loogs nais. adding u u adding mine plise..I waiting for adding" (In case you are wondering about what he meant "I scene (seen) ur profiles(profile)..loogs nais(looks nice) adding u adding mine(I am adding you, you add me) plise (please)..I waiting for adding (he is waiting for her to accept his request) ....

This one nearly took us 10 whole  minutes to decode of what he wanted to convey especially the loogs nais...
Pheewwww, it took me some brain-work to pen down these TRUE REJECTION CASES blog.

I NOU (Now) GoIn..YoU ReAd MiNeS (My) BlOgS (blog)..WOkay (Ok)...

I really need some grammar classes now and People who write like this with Capital and Small letters have to go back to Kindergarten

P.S: We do feel like strangling such half-wit desperate retards just like in the picture

This post is written for ABC Wednesday 17 - F

Monday, August 17, 2015

What does Independence mean to You?

Its just a few days past the 69th Indian Independence Day.
I was asked, what does independence mean to you?

I asked the same question to a few people from difference age groups with a different mindset.

4 year old kid said "Indian outfit, and flag, and sweets and I will sing Jana Gana Manna and salute to our flag"

10 year old said "Independence means, no homework and projects for me"

15 year old said "Independence for me is, going clubbing without my id card being checked"

23 year old said "Independence, 15th August, Holiday, We will party man and sleep"

28 year old said "What Independence? I am working today too.I pay taxes, I don't get anything, What independence you are talking about man?"

32 year old "Independence, I want a day off from all the office, children and home chores, a day for myself"

34 year old ex-army-man said "Independence, the history, the story inspires me to join the army again, if I could, Not just my arm, I will sacrifice my life for the flag"

49 year old "Independence for me, would be a corruption free country and better services for people from their tax money"

Another 49 year old said "Independence would be when my daughter can go out in shorts to any place, at any time and I don't have to keep worrying about her safety"

Lastly, An octogenarian said "Independence is the sacrifice of millions of people, sacrifice of soldiers and families who never saw caste and creed, who fought for Indians, who dreamt of a beautiful peaceful county. I don't say our country is not beautiful, but with the everyday crimes, and riots in the name of religion and caste. We are independent, but still bonded by so many influences. 
We are independent, but we still see differences in people of our own country.
Some people say they want British rule again, little did they know how our countrymen were treated, even 0.05% of that mental agony, physical torture and ever man would pray only to have a free country. I know, I have been there, I have seen it"

So What does freedom mean to you?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mag: Your Dear Scarlet

I am young and fearless
I am a teen, a rebellious
I roll it up, and light my marijuana
Its gives me peace & nirvana

Sweets, I wont give you any weed
But, I shall feed you with alcohol
Do you want to know why at all?

I prefer your head down clutching the toilet
While I am up in peace, up in the space, I am your dear Scarlet

This post is written for Magpie Tales - Mag 282

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CTT: Weight & Watch

I haven't been updating this blog long enough. I am guilty and I am sorry to myself.


1. I really didn't have much to rant about
2. I started another blog and I updated that rather daily
3. I am just plain lazy
4. I am out of topics until say today morning.

Its a common saying "Women become fat after getting married"

Well, it is kind of true, and scientifically, romp has nothing to do with putting on weight.
Frankly, I don't have any issues with people of any size and shape.

But, when someone says "Oh, you have put on weight" Or something like "You were so slim when you joined and now you have put on quite a bit" 
OR when you don't fit in a particular dress that used to fit you perfectly a few months back
OR when that little paunch shows in a super cute party dress.
It gives a not-so-happy feeling.

Now, I realized why I put on weight and do not bother to reduce.
1. I just hog on anything, no healthy diet
2. I sleep like a log
3. I give million excuses to not work-out
4. I envy women with flat abs, I promise to myself that I shall work out, then chocolate cake happens
5. I sincerely try to work out for exactly 2 days and my 'excuse mode" turns on

Now, that I know where I have to make changes, and the "very ambitious Me" expects me to make changes but the "Lazy Bhukkad Me" jumps in and says "I shall start from tomorrow"
We are back to square one.

But, I swear I shall wake up early and jog and eat healthy *Runs to eat a Extra Cheese Paneer Mayo Sandwich*

Saturday, August 1, 2015

ABCW: Musings of an IT wife

I am an IT wife.
Pic Courtesy: Meme Generator

Sometimes, I see a lot of similarities between my IT husband and a soldier in the military.

Soldier fights with foreigners, IT guy fights with foreigners

Soldiers family hardly get to see him, IT guys family hardly gets to see him

Soldier has to be on his post even in the dead of the night, IT guy has to be on the call even at the dead of the night

Soldiers gets trained regularly, IT gets trained regularly

Soldiers get posted "off site" at times, IT gets posted "off site" at times

Soldiers have "Short term" and a 'long term assignment", so do IT guys

Soldier wives are well-versed with some military terms like Line of Fire, Border Control, names of weapons, IT wives are well versed in IT terms onsite call, customer call, escalation, delivery team etc

Soldiers fight a war, IT guys fight in the war room

Soldiers face storm, IT guys face brain storm

Soldiers gets to talk to his family in between posts, IT guy gets to talk to his family in-between calls

Soldiers run a marathon once in six months, IT guys do a Hackathon once in 6 months

But, in the end of the day. the wife of both soldier and the IT guy, love their men enough to wait for them through anything and everything

P.S: This is a fun post, not meant to hurt any sentiments. If you find it offensive, my apologies in advance

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - I = IT