Monday, June 29, 2015

Mag 276: That Lady

This was my sister's old house.

Every evening, after like 8pm, this cat used to come to my sister's house. That's why my sister started keeping cat food that remained untouched.

Her neighbor's dog Peanut, howled every time seeing this stray cat.

One evening, my 3 year old niece Mary was sitting on the stairs, facing this window and was making funny faces.

Me: "Mary, What are you doing baby"
Mary: "I am imitating that lady over the window who has her braid around her neck"
Me: "What lady?"
Mary: *pointing towards the window near that cat* that lady

I started walking up the stairs thinking that its just a child playing when, suddenly Mary started to make choking noises. I got petrified, "Baby, are you OK?"

Mary: "Aunt Lou, I am imitating her"
Midsummer Night's Melancholy by Michael Sowa

That's when I realized those "funny faces" Mary was making was actually a woman gasping for breath, hanging with her braid around her neck.

I almost fell off those stairs. That's the day I would never forget in my entire life.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

APED: I am back

I don't know where I am.
I am floating in the air. Below me, my mother is weeping, my brother is consoling her, my father is holding my hand with tears in his eyes, my husband standing behind my dad.

What? Wait, my father is holding MY hand? But, I am floating, what is happening?

Oh, wait

The doctors, Yes, I remember now The Accident. I was brought to the hospital.

The doctors are trying to do something to me?

Am I dead?

What is this bright light?
Is it God? Is this heaven?
Do I have to leave my family already?
But there is so much to say, I have to tell them that I love them. I want to tell them then I am sorry if I have ever hurt them?

I just cant go.


*Deeep breath* *gasping for air*

"Mom, dad, Don't cry. i love you guys. I am here, I couldnt just go. Not now"

And I am alive...All over again

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Friday, June 19, 2015

FF: What's Up

Teenagers these days think its "cool" to make fun of us old people,

Teen Kid: "Yo, Ol Lady, Wha-ssup"

Me: "The Chandelier"

Trolled by his 78 year old Grandmother - Like a Boss

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

APED: My ship with White Sails

Image Source: Ship Mary L. Cushing by William G. Yorke (via Wikimedia Commons)
I see it, I see that ship. The biggest ship in these waters. One of the prettiest and the most beautiful ships with white sails.

Bobbing up the waters. The feel of the ship makes me proud. I'm the owner of this ship

The door opens, I turn back.

"Baby, we are done with our bath here, C'mon now, lets dry your ships"

And there dries all my water in the tub.

I am Chan, and I am 2, and I love my ships

This post is written for A Prompt Each day - Prompt - 18

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I am not a mistake, I never was

So much to say, but no words
So many reasons to come close but, still the distance
An eerie silence prevails
So many things inside the head, so much to share but something got lost
Something inside broke
So much love, but don't know to how to express

No gain, but so much pain
Something died inside
Some words said, some unsaid

A broken heart, million shards apart
Now lonely and tired,
 Tired of being tested
Tired of saying what it feels
Tired of its innocent words being twisted
Tired of being hurt
It wants to give up,
But it beats alone, It beats for love
With a lesson learnt, its better to be a closed book, than sharing feelings with the one you love.

So many words in the eyes, pleading to be heard
Hands that are trembling, wishing to be held
A body that needs to be hugged
Tears that need to be wiped, wiped for real

I might smile,
That smile is not real
I might talk to you like nothing happened
But inside, I'm not the same
You may  have said something to end a fight
But, I know that I have lost
You may think a gazillion times that I am your mistake
You have always been my blessing

I hugged, you pushed.
I opened my heart,
you broke it
Its not just my heart, Its me who broke inside

Now, my heart will never open up. For, its scared, scared to be hurt again

Today I say,
I am not a mistake, I am real, I am pain, A pain of a broken heart
To make you smile, I would do anything even if it kills me inside.
yet again I say,
But, I am not a mistake, I never was