Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mag 271: Memories

What do I see in the picture above?
I see memories, I see an old man and an old woman holding hands, under one umbrella. Smiling at each other.
Old, frail, but still in love with each other.
That hat has seen many suns,many rains, it has seen the hardships that old man has gone through.
That bag might have been his gift, a bag that has extreme sentimental value
That umbrella has seen love, it has seen beautiful memories been made.

What I see? I see eternal love

This post is written for MagPie Tales: Mag 271

Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Driver

Confession till 2014: I do not know to drive a car

Confession today (as of 14th May 2015): I am a newbie driver

Confession next month and so on and so forth: I am a pro driver

Tell you what, till date, I was one of those who used to camouflage my "not knowing to drive" thing as "Oh, I have a chauffeur everywhere" dialogue
All these years, my brother has persistently been after my life to learn to drive, and I being lazy always stalled it until I shifted cities, actually a little before that.
There was an incident that just made me realize that you have to know to drive, even if its not as good as a pro.

Before my wedding, we went Saree shopping to this amazing place in some place in interior of South India. We hired a car and reached the place shopped, suddenly our driver started profusely sweating and his left hand started aching.
Yes, he had a minor heart attack, I, my father and my mother, none of us know to drive, luckily for us, the villagers were very helpful, they called a doctor but advised the driver to go to a bigger hospital since this certainly was a minor attack.
Its on humanitarian grounds that he shouldn't drive, one of the village boys knew decent driving and took us back to the city.
Thank God! our driver was safe, bless him
Also, that's the day I realized, driving is not a luxury its a necessity at times.

So, I promised myself that I will join a driving school and start driving, soon will drive like a Pro (Amen!)

Now, that I have started driving, I realize that driving does liberate a girl in some ways.
As on 14th May 2015
In a small way, it makes a person independent.

This new found small independence, makes me feel good every time. But, also it makes me feel sad when I cant do a particular action (say like reversing, I suck at it)

Till yesterday, I was driving the driving school vehicle with the clutch and brake with the instructor, so in a way you know, heart of hearts that if you mess up, someone will save your ass.
But, today my husband, (I don't know where he got that confidence from) let me ride his precious car, the Polo that had just come out of the garage after giving out a 5 figure bill.
Trust me, I was terrified, I was shivering inside, but i did do a good job, coz my husband did have a smile on his face.
Woah! I mean the experience was exhilarating. I have no words.
You know, that feeling when you are in this giant roller coaster, initially you are shit scared, and suddenly, you are free, flying happy, screaming.

I feel like I am on top of the world, flying to Pluto

Yaay! Moi is driver :D

Thank you hubby & my little brother who have put enough trust and confidence in me to lend me their cars to drive. Love you both
XOXO (last line sounds like a Miss India speech, well its a Ms. Driver speech)

Pic Courtesy: Google Images