Thursday, April 23, 2015

30 Things I should have told my teen self

Someone in my work place was sighing out real loud "Wish I had done this 10 years back..."

This phrase got me thinking, Things I should have told myself when I was a teen, 

1. You ain't going to be this thin all your life. Stop hogging on junk, eat healthy

2. Work out

3. Parents know the best

4. Its OK to get your heart broken, your present self knows that the guy wasn't worth anything

5. Best friends today, gone tomorrow. People who matter will stay no matter what

6. Heels are bad news

7. You are loved much more than you realize now

8. People who make fun of you today are going to envy you in years to come, so key rule IGNORE

9. Stand up for what you believe in, you're are not alone

10. Patience is the key to success,

11. Apologizing is not going to make you stupid and the other person mighty. It will save a lot of pain

12. You are good at many things, never do it for free

13. Your orkut / facebook/ twitter/blog popularity doesn't matter

14. There is no man whom you can't get over.

15. There is an awesome man who will sweep you off your feet and become your husband

16. Whatever happens, whatever is happening is happening for good

17. Get the right attitude to any job you find, and your work will be awesome

18. Its OK to swear

19. Let people judge you, their opinion is not your concern. People who matter know what you are

20. Don't regret that your life isn't a party, coz Life really isn't a party

21. You don't have to do what everyone says, follow your path, success might be late but there sure is success

22. Save money, trust me someday you will wish that you had saved enough

23. Its OK to bunk and sleep all day.

24. Me time is important and special

25. Enjoy life now, soon the Internet is going to screw you over

26. Its OK to be crazy and be called cray, coz that's what you are crazy and different and awesome

27. You are amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

28. Not everyone is going to like you, ignore people who hate you, Their bad!

29. Its OK to be vulnerable, no one can be strong all the time

30. Dress like what makes you comfortable and not what is trending or what people ask you too. If they think you look dumb or old school, tell them that's the 'in' thing