Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Virginity Test

This topic might be repetitive. The topic is so compelling that I just had to put it into words,

I have shifted to another city, and I was travelling in a bus back home and I heard a group of guys in formals with a big IT company id cards hanging on their necks.

Guy 1: "Dude, but she has a past man, 2 boyfriends. am sure something must have happened between them da. How can I marry a girl who has already "done it"?"
Guy 2: "you have also done it da"
Guy 3: "so what he can do it, he is a guy, but she is a girl and this is marriage we are talking about not some passing affair, she is not a virgin and he is getting a used maal"

I was appalled, I wanted to turn and give a piece of my mind, but my stop just had to come.

We are in the 15th year of the 3rd millennium, claiming that India is progressing.
People flying to different parts of the world to work and study, science so advanced that people have started booking a land on moon but still we think a girl has to be a virgin on her martial bed.

Virginity is still a base to check a girl's morality. A non virgin girl is not supposedly a good wife material.

Its claimed that women have equal rights in the society, still white sheets are used on the first night to check if the bride is a virgin.
Men date many girls its ok
If a girl dates many guys she is a slut.

There is even a dialog in a movie "a girl is like a lock, should be opened with only one key. if its opened with many keys its a bad lock. A man is like the key if he opens many locks he is called the master key"
I mean, what double standards.

A girl who has had boyfriends and has had break-ups is tagged "easy", automatically guys start thinking its easy to "patao" her and take her to bed.

"easy" is the nicest words I am using here, there are even more cuss words that are used for her in Indian mother tongue.

Virginity is not an exam.. Its a small invisible tissue called hymen that determines virginity. A tissue that can rupture during cycling, workouts, jogging, running not just sex.

In an age where women are as educated as men, where they have male friends and colleagues. the age where she too has fallen in love and has had her heart broken in the past.
She too is just like any other boy.
She loves her family as much, She has pressures at work, She too wants a big degree and a lot of money and a big house and a foreign vacation.

If a woman gets promoted, she has slept with her boss
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If a woman comes home late, she is sleeping with her friends
If a woman parties, she is sleeping with strangers.

A woman who doesn't
fit in the "ideal girl" bill, she is a slut
Her "purity" is determined even today.
The day she has her periods, she turns impure for 20% of the month. But, they need the same woman to bear children for them, Enough evidence that India is the 2nd most populated country in the world and people talk about virginity.