Monday, February 23, 2015

Holi for me

Holi is originally is a spring festival, a festival of colors, a festival of love.

Holi is a free-for-all carnival of colours, where everyone play, chase and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water, with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight. Anyone and everyone is fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. The frolic and fight with colors occurs in the open streets, open parks, outside temples and buildings. 

I have been playing Holi from as long as I know.
I remember we used to have fierce competition with our neighboring buildings with water balloons, "who would bomb more balloons, It wasn't any less than an India vs Pakistan cricket match"
It was always fun to gather wood, paper, ghee everything for Holika fire, where all ladies of our colony would do pooja and promise to make us yummy sweets the next day.

Next morning, is the D day, the Rang panchami, colors, water, music, dance, friends, family, Thandai, mithai, and yummilicious food. 
And Bhaang, who can forget bhaang, Oh my God! Tasty intoxicating drink made of cannibi leaves, that drives people crazy.
There have been so many funny bhaang memories.

Hoil is all in all a total entertainment package.

It has its set of side effects too. 
Adulterated colors spoil your skin, people pelting stones at women in the name of Holi, putting colors on animals that effect them later. Deforestation for Holi fire.

Not good people. Not good at all
Its not nice to harm innocent animals.

Luckily, people are turning to organic and natural colors. Thank god.

Well, that is a generic picture oh Holi that I get when I close my eyes right now.

Pic Courtesy: Google Images

But, also this year I remember something  that happened to me,

So, Holi is on 6th and very enthusiastic people have already started playing Holi with colors.

There I was coming back from work in my pristine white formal shirt and my favorite trousers and my Guess bag, admiring my Cartier watch. 
*Stop rolling your eyes at my "branded" description you will soon know why*

Well, back to my Holi-day, suddenly out of nowhere a splash of colored water came and ruined my whole attire and as you know Holi Gulal does not, I mean does not go off your clothes, so there goes my whole outfit for a toss.

Off late I have been too lazy to go out to shop. 
Yes, seriously
And why not? Now a days we get everything delivered at home.

So, I log-in to Amazon through 27 coupons for obvious reasons. They have the best discounts and the choicest products from so many shopping sites. I get every product under one roof.

I had planned to shop for a shirt, a nice pant a bag and a watch. But, the collections were so good that  I ended up buying a watch, 2 bags, a shoe, 2 kurtas, 1 tshirt and a shirt that too without running a huge bill on my credit card. Yaay, happy wallet, happy me!

Thank you guys for coloring my outfit, else I wouldn't have had a reason to shop, not that I really need a reason to shop, but I can atleast justify this shopping 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Your wish is my command

Thank you
Lets see, who doesn't want to be perfect for their partner. And what would be better then having the power to give them anything and everything they wish for.

I wanted to play Genie for a day, and my wish was granted for 14th Feb the Valentines Day.

I knew what my man wanted, I am Genie, no?

His eyes opened to a new shiny Apple Macbook Air neatly tied with a ribbon with a post-it "Its your day today XOXO"

He gleams and walks into a an already warmed shower, with his favorite "Kyoku shower gel" on the counter. he comes out all wet, steamy and super ravishing looking. He is invited by an aroma of his favorite breakfast "Filter kaapi and Plain dosa with sambar and 3 chutneys"

He is like "Woah, babe! what is gone into you"
Me: "Love, Love for you hun"

He opens the door to find a long stretched pristine white limo waiting with a uniformed chauffeur.
Stunned he turns and gives me the tightest hugs ever. 

In the limo, he gets a call on his phone from his manager saying "A, you are off today, there is some shutdown happening with our system. Have fun"
Smiling, he come to me and says "Babe, Is it you or is the world turning into a miracle today?"

I wink and turn back into our house.
I wear the best saree I have and ask him to wear a tux.
Me: "we have a lunch with someone important"

We drive in our limo to a posh looking house. With a look, of confusion he gets down and is greeted by his idol, "Mr. Kamal Hasan"
Astonished, he turns to me "Dee, are you kidding me, is this even real?"
me: "its your day love."

After a lovely meal, my beaming husband and I drive to a near by canal where a Venice styled gondola waits for us, with a bucket of sparkling champagne .
The boat rider, sings us the most romantic number while we sip our champagne holding hands. We drive back home.

The house, is all decorated, dim lit, with aroma candles, and romantic music.We go into each others arms and dance softly to the music.
The oven tings, to signal us that out amazing Italian themed food is ready.

Me: "I love to see you smile"
Him: "A day like this and a wife like you, I would forever smile"

After our amazing dinner, We set out for a walk under the star-lit sky, while I present the latest mobile phone and a large bouquet of flowers and get on my knees to tell him how much I love him.
He hugs me and we come back home.

me: "Happy Valentines day sweetheart, May you get all you wish for"

Him: 'I already have all i have ever wished for. YOU" *kisses me on my forehead*

Some days are perfect, sealed just with a kiss

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