Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old Songs Vs New

I have the habit of humming songs when I am at home or work.
My genre of songs vary, ranging from EDM's to Indi-pop to 90's pop, its mostly Bollywood-new & old.

I realized, I am more well versed with the lyrics of old songs than the new.
I can barely remember more than 2 lines of the recent songs like either current trending or the recent past like say about 2 years.

But, I can sing the whole song that was released much before I was even born.


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1. Now a days most of the songs is a party song with girls in skimpy outfits, smoke, dope, daru, a few Delhi references here and there and lots of boom boom
2. The slow songs have no become repetitive, the music, the tone, the tune all sound similar
3. Insane lyrics

The irony is, I actually remember the whole songs with its music of those that were released much before I was born.
I also remember broken lyrics of the songs that were released in the 90's

Is it that the songs quality has deteriorated or is it that my memorizing capacity is reduced?

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