Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Today, I can imagine how it feels to be helpless in a stupid situation.


Eyore Night Shirt
Well, It is Saturday and Im a lazy bum on weekends. One thing I hate to do on weekends is have a bath unless I have to step out of the house. I can roam around the house dirty in my long "Eeyore-Sad donkey" tshirt all day and not be guilty about it.

My society has this practise of cleaning the water tanks once a month, that is good.
It seems they had informed the society members of the water cut for 12 hours on Saturday, which my family knew. But, since no one was there at home when I woke up I had no idea of the water cut.

After a lot of pep talk to myself, I went to bathe myself.
The water through the faucet was kind of weak, I thought it must be an faucet issue.
Shampooed my hair, lathered myself with nice soap.

And And And........the dripping water vanished..

I was there all naked with shampoo sliding on my face, one eye open, cursing the water line.
I dont know how long was I sitting there staring at the wall and seeing every crevice of the bathroom, trying to wash away the shampoo with whatever little water was left.

And suddenly, the water motor turns on...

Trust me I have never been so happy at the sound of any motor, after like 2-3 minutes the faucet opened and I felt blessed.

Lessons Learnt
Faucet Image Courtesy: Google Images
1. If you hate bathing, dont pep talk yourself
2. Get up early even on weekends so that you get enough information of what id going on around you
3. Never take anything for granted, especially water
4. Love every faucet, every
non living thing in your house. Some day you are going to be grateful to them

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  1. LOL :D Lessons No.1 and No.4 were hilarious...! :D

  2. Happened to me quite a few times with Shampoo and body wash soaking the body. What an embarassment and I, myself, know how I emerged unscathed out of bathroom..lolz

    1. lol i was like OMG WTF cursed and cussed in every language that i know

  3. he he he and now that is a ordeal, I remember in hostel days .. this was always a problem , then when i was living on rent on the foruth floor .. water would stop because someone from the floor down would open their taps..

    now it makes me laugh all those experiences .. :)

    next time make sure you have the bucket full FIRST he he he he


    1. I just din expect to be left high and dry...else I wouldn't have gone to bathe in the first place

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome to the club :-)
      & thanks for dropping by

  5. A lesson you will probably never forget...

    Things like that never happen here..at least, have never happened so far in the 53years i walk on this planet.... hopefully it stays that way, for the both of us

    Thank you for participating at such a loyal manor every week!

    Have a nice abc-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

    1. Lucky you melody :-)
      Thanks for dropping by

  6. ...and once I had already dried myself off and realized I hadn't put conditioner in my hair (it was all tangled and wouldn't comb!) so had to get in and do it all over again!

    abcw team

    1. That is the worst that can happen, I hate a bad hair day
      Thanks for dropping by Leslie :-)

  7. Thank you for my morning laugh. It was a little dangerous to read while I was drinking my coffee though.
    Great saga.

    1. happy to make you smile photowannabe
      & yes, next time keep that coffee aside :P

  8. When we first moved to the farm we had no way to shower in the house. My husband used an enclosed outdoor shower with a tank on top and slatted floors, and the water was sun heated during the day. One evening he was showering and a neighbour came to see him. Out in the shower, said I, and that's where he went to chat. However, as he opened the door he saw the head of a rather annoyed rattlesnake peaking up through the slatted floor, and shrieked a warning! My husband, covered in lathered soap, did a quick dance out on to the grass, and the picture remains a photographic memory sixty years later!!

    1. OMG a snake, i would have fainted & that is quite a funny picture you have portrayed there :-)
      thanks for dropping by Hildred

  9. Sounds like something I might experience!


    1. all the best :-)
      & thanks for dropping by Roger


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