Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ABCW: Veil of a Woman

I am a lamp without wicks. But I can burn you down.
I am that mothers of new-born's and brides fear.
I am the one they ward against with a black dot on their child's cheek.
I'm the reason why pregnant women are kept indoors.
I cause sisters to worry about their brothers.
I make mothers weep for their sons and I m the reason why wives want to keep their husbands away

I am the one you fear in the dark.
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I'm the one with claws and fangs.
I'm the one with power of seduction

I can turn the milk sour with my touch.
I can burn the grass to ashes.
Marshes dry when I walk on them.
Rain clouds dissipate when I raise my eyes on them

Men fall to the power of my charms
Women curse their fate

I'm the nightmare young wives wake up from.
I'm the rustle of  skirts women dread

I'm the ghoul that damns gene pools and feasts on husbands.
I carry back, every fear, every dark secret, every hushed whisper known to human mind.

My skin is soft, eyes are like pearls, my voice sounds like distant bells, the curve of my being makes men go on their knees

In real, my opaque skin, the claws and fangs are here to take them away from their women.

My name spelt aloud leads to destruction.

I'm that woman, residing in every woman.

This post is written for ABCW - V


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