Monday, November 23, 2015

No Phone but Lots of peace

In these days, when cell phone have become an inseparable part of us, its weird to think the some years back we never had cell phones & still we survived happily.
Then we started using those black and white phones and slowly we promoted ourselves to touchscreen phones.
Now, everything from keeping in touch with people, reminding birthdays, making a grocery list, browsing for jobs, replying to emails, shopping, clicking pictures, searching for recipes , even eating and ordering food is now on phone.
We have dual sim phones. dual sim two phones, for god knows why.

Its like another limb.

So, what happens if this phone stops working? I'll tell you what happens.
You feel disconnected, your hand  automatically goes to the unlock of the cell phone.

Well, my touchscreen phone went for a toss, and my work involves a lot of calls all day, so I desperately needed a spare phone to at least receive calls. 

So I got myself a Nokia 130 - palm sized, button phone, with a 26-day battery life, dual sim and a Snake game & that's it.

No Bluetooth (my ears are connected to the Bluetooth head set when I travel, or drive)
No basic browsing
No Whatsapp, No Facebook. No twitter. No Google. No Google Calender. No emails. No other games. 

Now I realize, how addicted I was to my phone.

I was feeling like a person addicted to drugs. I had to have my daily dope of "Good Morning", Morning masala's on Facebook, & Times of India pop-ups, emails to keep me sane.
Pressing those buttons seem to be a pain now.

Now, I am sitting here relaxed & feeling like a nirvana from tech, all that urge to consistently check my emails 7 messages has considerably reduced.

I do miss my phone. but its ok. Its not my limb anymore.

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