Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mumbai to Bangalore :D to :(

Right, so I was in Mumbai for the past whole week, where it was warm, balmy, a tad bit humid but good for my skin, hair & bones.
Then, I landed to Bangalore wearing this Deepika Padukone's airport look-alike sleeveless top, I get off that airplane and Whoosssshhhh! a cold, bone chilling blast of air freezes my facial nerves & I am like
(Left) Mumbai to (Right) Bangalore
Alright, I walk to the bus stop outside the airport and what I see?
Its drizzling, Goddammit! 
It's not just rains rains, It does not gives way to sunlight & warmth (this word I will emphasize)
It just drizzles, like a revengeful bitch, it just wants to drench you enough for shivering all the way home but not soak you all over.

I reach my apartment & see sad kids trying hard to make one cracker burst without the rains spoiling the whole fun of Diwali (Poor thing!)

I reach home & realize that I am sleepy, not because I was tired, it was because outside it was all chilling & grey and I had work next day, and I was cent percent sure that I wont be able to bring myself to ditch my comfortable quilt and get off that bed.

Look Bengaluru, I love you OK. But you need to know this, you are already slow enough to make people sleep all day, please don't make extra efforts to put people to sleep

And Dear Rain,
Why? Why you no come after Diwali?


  1. You have perfectly pictured the current state in Bangalore.

  2. Dare you say anything against my Bangalore :P

    1. Its mine too, but sach is sach no :P

  3. Weather is a bit crazy everywhere ~ hard to know what to wear ~ Hope the weather improves for you ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    1. What to wear is the biggest worry. Holiday season and woolys and raincoats spoil all the pretty shoes.
      Thanks for dropping by Artmusedog & Carol

  4. A terrific season, I bet and how I love it. I miss incredible Mumbai so much.


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