Monday, August 17, 2015

What does Independence mean to You?

Its just a few days past the 69th Indian Independence Day.
I was asked, what does independence mean to you?

I asked the same question to a few people from difference age groups with a different mindset.

4 year old kid said "Indian outfit, and flag, and sweets and I will sing Jana Gana Manna and salute to our flag"

10 year old said "Independence means, no homework and projects for me"

15 year old said "Independence for me is, going clubbing without my id card being checked"

23 year old said "Independence, 15th August, Holiday, We will party man and sleep"

28 year old said "What Independence? I am working today too.I pay taxes, I don't get anything, What independence you are talking about man?"

32 year old "Independence, I want a day off from all the office, children and home chores, a day for myself"

34 year old ex-army-man said "Independence, the history, the story inspires me to join the army again, if I could, Not just my arm, I will sacrifice my life for the flag"

49 year old "Independence for me, would be a corruption free country and better services for people from their tax money"

Another 49 year old said "Independence would be when my daughter can go out in shorts to any place, at any time and I don't have to keep worrying about her safety"

Lastly, An octogenarian said "Independence is the sacrifice of millions of people, sacrifice of soldiers and families who never saw caste and creed, who fought for Indians, who dreamt of a beautiful peaceful county. I don't say our country is not beautiful, but with the everyday crimes, and riots in the name of religion and caste. We are independent, but still bonded by so many influences. 
We are independent, but we still see differences in people of our own country.
Some people say they want British rule again, little did they know how our countrymen were treated, even 0.05% of that mental agony, physical torture and ever man would pray only to have a free country. I know, I have been there, I have seen it"

So What does freedom mean to you?


  1. That was really a thoughtful insight about what independence means to all sectors of the society.. But surely, today Independence day and all such days are seen as mere national holidays by the people. They do cherish and respect the everyone who sacrificed their lives for the people of the country, but what about the current state that prevails.. wars, rapes, attacks, freedom to voice your opinion and the list is on.. I think when such questions won't be there anymore, India will be free in its true sense.. Don't you think?

    1. I agree Geets, But different people, different perspective. Govt has weird different priorities.

  2. It means to be free in mind and thoughts. Happy Independence Day, Drama Queen. I value my freedom and hope the country is free from bigots.
    Check my post:)

    1. Ranveer happy Interdependence day to you too buddy


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