Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CTT: Weight & Watch

I haven't been updating this blog long enough. I am guilty and I am sorry to myself.


1. I really didn't have much to rant about
2. I started another blog and I updated that rather daily
3. I am just plain lazy
4. I am out of topics until say today morning.

Its a common saying "Women become fat after getting married"

Well, it is kind of true, and scientifically, romp has nothing to do with putting on weight.
Frankly, I don't have any issues with people of any size and shape.

But, when someone says "Oh, you have put on weight" Or something like "You were so slim when you joined and now you have put on quite a bit" 
OR when you don't fit in a particular dress that used to fit you perfectly a few months back
OR when that little paunch shows in a super cute party dress.
It gives a not-so-happy feeling.

Now, I realized why I put on weight and do not bother to reduce.
1. I just hog on anything, no healthy diet
2. I sleep like a log
3. I give million excuses to not work-out
4. I envy women with flat abs, I promise to myself that I shall work out, then chocolate cake happens
5. I sincerely try to work out for exactly 2 days and my 'excuse mode" turns on

Now, that I know where I have to make changes, and the "very ambitious Me" expects me to make changes but the "Lazy Bhukkad Me" jumps in and says "I shall start from tomorrow"
We are back to square one.

But, I swear I shall wake up early and jog and eat healthy *Runs to eat a Extra Cheese Paneer Mayo Sandwich*


  1. I'm with you there, we'll start tomorrow. I love all the things I'll get done tomorrow, or start tomorrow. Tomorrow is my favorite day! :)

    1. Arent we all master's of Procrastination


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