Monday, July 20, 2015

#MondayMusings: New Employee

Sometimes I enter a room full of new people.

I wonder to myself, 
Am I wearing the right clothes?
Will I fit in?
Why is everyone looking at me, like that?
Will I be accepted?

Then, someone walks up to me, and I get introduced as “The New Employee” who is replacing “The Very Old Employee”

I can see, I am being judged, I can feel their eyes on m back. I can see my every move being scrutinized.

I wanted to make friends, I wanted to be liked in this new place. I made efforts. I did what they wanted me to do. I hoped someday, I would be a part of their clan.

After a while I realized, when I was going out of my way to please others, I was losing my self-worth.
I stopped, I looked at myself and said “I am the best, why do I need to be accepted by anyone else. They like me or not doesn’t matter anymore. I love myself. I have accepted my flaws”

They love me, They hate me, They ridicule me, They reject me.
In the end of the day, I know that I would never be good enough for someone around. But, then it is their problem.

I shall be ME 

- I am the Old New Employee

#MondayMusingsToday I’m joining the #1000Speak a monthly linkup on the 20th of every month, which invites bloggers to blog about compassion/empathy, etc. This month’s link up is on the topic of Acceptance.
It is time for #MondayMusings and all you have to do is:
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