Monday, July 13, 2015

Mag 278: Walk Along

Everyone in life learns to not  count on others for your happiness.
Everyone learns it the hard way after being back stabbed by own people
Being good doesn't always mean, other will be good to you too

Look at yourself sometime, deep inside
You have been hurt, scarred, bruised, fallen, betrayed  but you still stand strong

You are here alive, for a purpose
A purpose, The Lord has set for you

You are the Lord's baby, You are his Princess with a shiny crown
If ever you fall again, just straighten your crown and walk strong

This post is written for Magpie TalesMag 278


  1. This lady aint for turning !

  2. Sharp response to the prompt.

  3. Great message. I've had to straighten my crown a few times.

  4. What wonderful perspective indeed. Nice of you to share. Greetings!

  5. Love that photo. Your words all ring true Dee Dee!

    Just wanted you to know I've finally finished those edits, they are now in the editor hands, and I've posted The Versatile Blogger Award 7 facts about me. I've also awarded it to others. Thanks again for the Award, you really made my day!

    1. Thanks a ton Yolanda
      Your blog totally deserves an award. Congrats once again

  6. Straighten your crown and walk along. How beautiful! :)

  7. Beautiful message: "If ever you fall again, just straighten your crown and walk strong"


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