Saturday, August 1, 2015

ABCW: Musings of an IT wife

I am an IT wife.
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Sometimes, I see a lot of similarities between my IT husband and a soldier in the military.

Soldier fights with foreigners, IT guy fights with foreigners

Soldiers family hardly get to see him, IT guys family hardly gets to see him

Soldier has to be on his post even in the dead of the night, IT guy has to be on the call even at the dead of the night

Soldiers gets trained regularly, IT gets trained regularly

Soldiers get posted "off site" at times, IT gets posted "off site" at times

Soldiers have "Short term" and a 'long term assignment", so do IT guys

Soldier wives are well-versed with some military terms like Line of Fire, Border Control, names of weapons, IT wives are well versed in IT terms onsite call, customer call, escalation, delivery team etc

Soldiers fight a war, IT guys fight in the war room

Soldiers face storm, IT guys face brain storm

Soldiers gets to talk to his family in between posts, IT guy gets to talk to his family in-between calls

Soldiers run a marathon once in six months, IT guys do a Hackathon once in 6 months

But, in the end of the day. the wife of both soldier and the IT guy, love their men enough to wait for them through anything and everything

P.S: This is a fun post, not meant to hurt any sentiments. If you find it offensive, my apologies in advance

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - I = IT


  1. Hehehehe I am the IT wife in my case. My husband is a marketing wizard and let's not even get started on the differences here :)

  2. Hello goodafternoon

    What a nice way to fill out this weeks challenge! I would never have thought of it ;-)
    There are indeed a lot of similar things and at the samen time a lot of differences.

    Thank you for participating in this weeks challenge, hope to may see you again next week.

    Have a nice day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-w-team)

    1. Love this ABC initiative. You will see my regularly.

  3. What would we do without IT guy to sort out our problems, and occasionally cause them:-)

    1. exactly, especially if the IT guy is the husband. what would we do without them
      Thanks for dropping by Joy

  4. What an INTERESTING piece, IT really hIts the spot!
    I really don't just like IT I love it!
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. Thanks a ton Trubes,
      I dont like IT, but i love the IT guy :-)
      Thanks for dropping by

  5. Oh, I think it's very clever.

    1. Thanks a ton ROG
      You guys dropping by and commenting is really encouraging :-)


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