Thursday, June 11, 2015

I am not a mistake, I never was

So much to say, but no words
So many reasons to come close but, still the distance
An eerie silence prevails
So many things inside the head, so much to share but something got lost
Something inside broke
So much love, but don't know to how to express

No gain, but so much pain
Something died inside
Some words said, some unsaid

A broken heart, million shards apart
Now lonely and tired,
 Tired of being tested
Tired of saying what it feels
Tired of its innocent words being twisted
Tired of being hurt
It wants to give up,
But it beats alone, It beats for love
With a lesson learnt, its better to be a closed book, than sharing feelings with the one you love.

So many words in the eyes, pleading to be heard
Hands that are trembling, wishing to be held
A body that needs to be hugged
Tears that need to be wiped, wiped for real

I might smile,
That smile is not real
I might talk to you like nothing happened
But inside, I'm not the same
You may  have said something to end a fight
But, I know that I have lost
You may think a gazillion times that I am your mistake
You have always been my blessing

I hugged, you pushed.
I opened my heart,
you broke it
Its not just my heart, Its me who broke inside

Now, my heart will never open up. For, its scared, scared to be hurt again

Today I say,
I am not a mistake, I am real, I am pain, A pain of a broken heart
To make you smile, I would do anything even if it kills me inside.
yet again I say,
But, I am not a mistake, I never was


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