Monday, June 22, 2015

APED: I am back

I don't know where I am.
I am floating in the air. Below me, my mother is weeping, my brother is consoling her, my father is holding my hand with tears in his eyes, my husband standing behind my dad.

What? Wait, my father is holding MY hand? But, I am floating, what is happening?

Oh, wait

The doctors, Yes, I remember now The Accident. I was brought to the hospital.

The doctors are trying to do something to me?

Am I dead?

What is this bright light?
Is it God? Is this heaven?
Do I have to leave my family already?
But there is so much to say, I have to tell them that I love them. I want to tell them then I am sorry if I have ever hurt them?

I just cant go.


*Deeep breath* *gasping for air*

"Mom, dad, Don't cry. i love you guys. I am here, I couldnt just go. Not now"

And I am alive...All over again

This post was written for A prompt Each Day, Prompt #22


  1. A beautiful story of hope! I was apprehenive that it may end on a sad note.A happy ending has made it very nice and sweet.

  2. Thank God. the ending is positive. A nice story.

  3. I am glad she is back. Nicely woven Dee


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