Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mag 271: Memories

What do I see in the picture above?
I see memories, I see an old man and an old woman holding hands, under one umbrella. Smiling at each other.
Old, frail, but still in love with each other.
That hat has seen many suns,many rains, it has seen the hardships that old man has gone through.
That bag might have been his gift, a bag that has extreme sentimental value
That umbrella has seen love, it has seen beautiful memories been made.

What I see? I see eternal love

This post is written for MagPie Tales: Mag 271


  1. happily, in unassuming places these scene pop up; memories are good places to see them also

    much love...

    1. Thank you Gillena, I agree memories are a good place to see


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