Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Your wish is my command

Thank you
Lets see, who doesn't want to be perfect for their partner. And what would be better then having the power to give them anything and everything they wish for.

I wanted to play Genie for a day, and my wish was granted for 14th Feb the Valentines Day.

I knew what my man wanted, I am Genie, no?

His eyes opened to a new shiny Apple Macbook Air neatly tied with a ribbon with a post-it "Its your day today XOXO"

He gleams and walks into a an already warmed shower, with his favorite "Kyoku shower gel" on the counter. he comes out all wet, steamy and super ravishing looking. He is invited by an aroma of his favorite breakfast "Filter kaapi and Plain dosa with sambar and 3 chutneys"

He is like "Woah, babe! what is gone into you"
Me: "Love, Love for you hun"

He opens the door to find a long stretched pristine white limo waiting with a uniformed chauffeur.
Stunned he turns and gives me the tightest hugs ever. 

In the limo, he gets a call on his phone from his manager saying "A, you are off today, there is some shutdown happening with our system. Have fun"
Smiling, he come to me and says "Babe, Is it you or is the world turning into a miracle today?"

I wink and turn back into our house.
I wear the best saree I have and ask him to wear a tux.
Me: "we have a lunch with someone important"

We drive in our limo to a posh looking house. With a look, of confusion he gets down and is greeted by his idol, "Mr. Kamal Hasan"
Astonished, he turns to me "Dee, are you kidding me, is this even real?"
me: "its your day love."

After a lovely meal, my beaming husband and I drive to a near by canal where a Venice styled gondola waits for us, with a bucket of sparkling champagne .
The boat rider, sings us the most romantic number while we sip our champagne holding hands. We drive back home.

The house, is all decorated, dim lit, with aroma candles, and romantic music.We go into each others arms and dance softly to the music.
The oven tings, to signal us that out amazing Italian themed food is ready.

Me: "I love to see you smile"
Him: "A day like this and a wife like you, I would forever smile"

After our amazing dinner, We set out for a walk under the star-lit sky, while I present the latest mobile phone and a large bouquet of flowers and get on my knees to tell him how much I love him.
He hugs me and we come back home.

me: "Happy Valentines day sweetheart, May you get all you wish for"

Him: 'I already have all i have ever wished for. YOU" *kisses me on my forehead*

Some days are perfect, sealed just with a kiss

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  1. Wooo!!! Such a Costly valentines day I say..!! ;) 'Some days are perfect, sealed just with a kiss' perfectly written. Nice one!

    1. :-) Its just a fictitious Valentine with fake money. I was thinking of renting an airplane but just stuck to limo. Modest Me!

  2. Aha! Looved reading this tale of pure love. Indeed, sealed with a kiss:)

  3. That is a beautiful day .. and god bless you both :)

  4. Loved reading the tale of love shown through wealth but the phrase just sealed with a kiss:) made it meaningful for the love expressed in words.


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