Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mumbai in my heart

It looks like i blogged eons back, my poor blog looks so deserted and lonely.
Well, sentiments apart, I really have been missing of the social network scene for about 70 odd days now.

No, I haven't taken any "no technology" oath, I just was caught up with a few major changes in my life.
The biggest change is shifting cities.

Now, the sentence "Mumbai is a city, Bombay is an emotion" makes perfect sense to me.
For me," Mumbai itself is an emotion and Bombay is a beautiful memory".

People who come from out do not like Mumbai because of the crowd and people to leave Mumbai for another city miss that crowd.

I miss crowded trains.
True that
I miss fast paced life
I miss that hub-a-dub at 6am on the streets
I miss open shops at 8.30pm.
I miss street fights and gaalis in Hindi and shivi's in Marathi
I miss my 8.12 (aat bara) local
I miss "Agla station dadar"
I miss the street food (Sandwich wala and his masala batata, chaat wala, extra masala poori, dabeli, Milkmaid gola, kulfi...i can just go on with the list)
I miss talking to strange women on train and not feeling strange about it

I just cant accept it when people call my city Bombay, I automatically end up correcting them that its "Mumbai"

Its awkward when I am referred to a "Girl from Bombay"
No people, I am a "Girl from Mumbai"

Its weird when I am referred to as a "North Indian"
Get some facts right people "I am from the Western part of India"

Its dumb when people ask "Do you speak Tamil at home or is it just Hindi (Indi as pronounced) or Marathi (Marathee as pronounced)"
Well, everyone in Mumbai speak their mother tongue at home.

It sounds weird to me when "Punjabi cuisine" is referred as 'North Indian"

Words fall short to describe what that city means to me now, tears roll down at times. Its, surely not a city, Its a deep emotion.
I am and I always will be a Mumbaikar at heart.

I miss home, I miss Mumbai


  1. Direct dil se.. and mere dil ko bhi laga..

    Can totally relate to all the points.. :)

  2. I have the same feeling....missing Mumbai n everything about it....being referred to as North Indian...language barrier...even I wanted to blog about it...but you have covered it all...great one.

  3. So true, Mumbai is life, Mumbai is a City and Bombay is an emotion. I miss my Dheemi aur tez local jo kissi station pe rukhega nahin..Agla station Dadar..miss the street food, Chowpatty, Marine Drive and red best buses. I miss crazy traffic, beggars fake Gucci at Colaba, food at Baghdadi, Beer at SFX, Cafe Mondee and Leopold. It terribly gets to me. Yet,we all love the city, the crowd despite whining. You make me miss the city, my muse even more.

  4. I still call the western metro as Bombay , and yet to accept it as Mumbai as had lived my life when it was Bombay. Am glad one more Bombaite sorry Mumbaikar had the opportunity to leave Mumbai to see the world outside Mumbai. I totally agree outsider can never understand Mumbai so does Mumbai born can never accept whole heartedly a world exists outside Mumbai.


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