Thursday, August 21, 2014

She Waits

This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction (FSF) - Waiting as the theme

Every time she sees the mail van, she runs to the door.

There is a hope in her eyes for one letter from him.

To see that hope shatter, can break even the toughest hearts.

She looks up, and prays for his safety where ever he is right now.

She is his mother, who waits everyday for her Army Captain son to return.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

20 Girl Thing's

This is a typically Girl-Thing. Like, we girl do a lot of things. But sometimes I wonder if am I the only one or every girl does these weird things at least once sometime..

Here is a basic list that I could come up with

#1 Getting up in the morning and thinking an excuse to take an off, but dress up and leave for work anyways

#2 When hair falls in the shower and when I don't want the drains to get clogged, I swirl it and stick it to the bathroom walls and then throw it later

#3 Stick bindis on the inside of my dressing shelf

#4 Adjust bra straps when we think no one is looking

#5 When someone gives us a stare the first thing we look is our cleavage, then say to our self "Its not too deep, is it?..Naah it isn't"

#6 Trying a super cute shirt in the dressing room, realizing its too small and you are half stuck into it and panic that the shirt might rip off somewhere

#7 Open your mouth really wide while putting on kohl, or eyeliner

#8 Swirled 360degrees in front of the mirror and admired self

#9 Street shopped stuff, then try them at home and regret buying some stuff

#10 Have clothes in your closet that have been worn just once for a few hours

#11 Have clothes in your closet that are just there as long as you remember and you have no heart to throw them

#12 Removed the bra through the sleeves of a tshirt or dress

#13 The first thing that you do after reaching home is, fling your bag, next item that goes off is the pants, and then feel relaxed

#14 Measure to see if our hair can cover our breast

#15 Feel sense of freedom, after taking off the bra at the end of the day

#16 Check if the nipples are jutting out of the tshirt, and if they are curse it and try to hide them somehow

#17 Give a head-to-toe check of other girls and compare their outfit, shoes, bags, accessories with self.

#18 Sucked tummy in and imagine how a washboard tummy would look like

#19 Wear a super cute dress but change it because a small paunch shows up from the side view

#20 Wear long sleeve shirts to cover the hair on your hands, only because you are too lazy to wax them off

Picture Courtesy: From an old post of the same blog