Thursday, August 21, 2014

She Waits

This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction (FSF) - Waiting as the theme

Every time she sees the mail van, she runs to the door.

There is a hope in her eyes for one letter from him.

To see that hope shatter, can break even the toughest hearts.

She looks up, and prays for his safety where ever he is right now.

She is his mother, who waits everyday for her Army Captain son to return.

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  1. and she is the best. no one can replace her emotions. Good one !

  2. It's the hardest to wait when you don't even know if your patience will bear fruits. But a mother still has to. :)

    Nice one, DQ

    BTW, you've submitted the link improperly in the inLinkz. Submit it again (and delete the previous one). Or some people might not be able to navigate to here.

    1. Mother will never stop waiting

      I tried to repost the link. But maybe I dunmo how to

  3. Wait of a mother.. Nicely done.. :)

  4. Heart warming. You expressed so well emotions felt by the mother. You have a way to grip your audience with such compelling style.

  5. I can feel what the mother feels! Very good post Dee Dee!
    Wil, ABCW Team


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