Monday, August 4, 2014

20 Girl Thing's

This is a typically Girl-Thing. Like, we girl do a lot of things. But sometimes I wonder if am I the only one or every girl does these weird things at least once sometime..

Here is a basic list that I could come up with

#1 Getting up in the morning and thinking an excuse to take an off, but dress up and leave for work anyways

#2 When hair falls in the shower and when I don't want the drains to get clogged, I swirl it and stick it to the bathroom walls and then throw it later

#3 Stick bindis on the inside of my dressing shelf

#4 Adjust bra straps when we think no one is looking

#5 When someone gives us a stare the first thing we look is our cleavage, then say to our self "Its not too deep, is it?..Naah it isn't"

#6 Trying a super cute shirt in the dressing room, realizing its too small and you are half stuck into it and panic that the shirt might rip off somewhere

#7 Open your mouth really wide while putting on kohl, or eyeliner

#8 Swirled 360degrees in front of the mirror and admired self

#9 Street shopped stuff, then try them at home and regret buying some stuff

#10 Have clothes in your closet that have been worn just once for a few hours

#11 Have clothes in your closet that are just there as long as you remember and you have no heart to throw them

#12 Removed the bra through the sleeves of a tshirt or dress

#13 The first thing that you do after reaching home is, fling your bag, next item that goes off is the pants, and then feel relaxed

#14 Measure to see if our hair can cover our breast

#15 Feel sense of freedom, after taking off the bra at the end of the day

#16 Check if the nipples are jutting out of the tshirt, and if they are curse it and try to hide them somehow

#17 Give a head-to-toe check of other girls and compare their outfit, shoes, bags, accessories with self.

#18 Sucked tummy in and imagine how a washboard tummy would look like

#19 Wear a super cute dress but change it because a small paunch shows up from the side view

#20 Wear long sleeve shirts to cover the hair on your hands, only because you are too lazy to wax them off

Picture Courtesy: From an old post of the same blog


  1. Ha Ha! Can identify! I have done some of this :)

  2. I can relate to a few of the points mentioned.

  3. Hahahaha! Some I can surely identify with :D especially point 14!! :P

  4. Points 1,3,6,9,10,11,13 & 18 are unisex I think :?

    1. Aink!!! Me not knows about men much

  5. Many points I found were unisex.... First I was not sure to comment on this blog although read the whole of it and can relate a lot to some of them

    1. Cmon you are free to comment anything. Unisex maybe I didnt realize

  6. haha enjoy ur bak bak..its cute. No 1 is so true for me:)

  7. lol.... Could relate to most of the points!
    Great post

    1. Thanks Neha :) good to know that I am not the only one


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