Friday, July 4, 2014

Traffic Jam Honking -HORN STOP PLEASE

Picture this:
Traffic Jam *beep bonk paaaa peeee poooo beep beep beeeeepppppp*

Does it sound normal to you? then, my friend you are in India

Bloody inconsiderate people, you know you are in a traffic, or a red signal, honking like a mad person is not magically going to make way for you.
Neither can go drive on the heads of other cars and go ahead, then why can't you just stand there patiently instead of pressing that horn so hard than it goes right in and comes our of your bonnet..Like seriously, I don't understand..What is the hurry?

Its not that you have a dying patient or a pregnant woman in labor in you car..then why that crazy honking.

Do you realize how annoying you sound?

Using that horn during an emergency is valid
Using that horn to notify that you are in full speed in a junction is valid.
Using the horn to warn some idiot crossing is valid.
Using the horn to make the person driving in front of you realize that the road in front of him is empty and he is blocking you is valid.

But, honking for no reason....Dudes..and some Ladies, get a life....get some etiquette's..else stop don't deserve a vehicle

Image Courtesy: Google Images/Traffic Congestion in Mumbai


  1. Drama Queen, you are much needed in Delhi. I will print this post out and paste it on my car before I leave home next.

    1. Its so annoying in every city girl....

  2. However unless there is some punishment for unwanted honking this is never going to has become a habit. In every country outside India honking is equivalent to abuse and is very rarely used !
    Nice blog!

    1. Agree with you Anita. A stringent punishment is required.
      Thanks for the compliment

  3. Thankfully it is banned here after 7pm :) moreover people hardly use horns ..

    I think having one hand on horn is a must in india accroding to the rules :)

    it drives me mad


    1. Banned where after 7pm? Here its supposedly banned near hospitals and schools but I havent seen the honking stop as such

  4. Guess, we are a nation of honkers and it screws us when they honk for no reason, expressing their energy that goes waste. There is always a better way to release unspent energy, read frustration.

    1. Honking in frustration is rather stupid. Even educated crowd do it. I hope people learn some day


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