Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mumbai Local Bytes

Almost 80% of people who travel in Mumbai local might have been through a few mishaps. That is kinda pretty normals and acceptable considering the crowd during peak hours.

I am those core niche people with whom silly mishaps keep happening in regular basis.
One in a week
One in two weeks
Frequency depends on Lord Shiva's mood, whenever he is bored he plays a trick with me.

Now I thought of listing down His tricks on me,

Leaving 3 trains because they are too crowded, messing your hair in that process and forcibly getting into the 4th train, pushing, panting, screaming, and getting out of the train as if a building collapsed on me

Standing in the crowded train looking like a combination of Statue of Liberty and Leaning tower of Pisa

Getting elbow punched on the gut, on your face, nail marks on hands (no i didn't get into a brawl, too much crowd and women were "adjusting" them selves")

Handles of my handbag ripped, wires of my earphone ripped, that rubber round thing on the earphone lost a gazillion times

Kurta torn

#5.1 One aunty couldn't get into the train, so instead of holding the handle she held the collar of my kurta and pulled it.......
#5.2 Protruding nails on train got stuck somewhere and made a cigar burn size hole in one of my t shirts

Learning so many new cuss words
Survivial instincts at its peak

And the ultimate, Epic mishap

Slept in train
Reached Virar
Reached Ulhasnagar
Reached Thane
Reached Dahanu Road, returned reached Bandra (full 2 hours of sleep)

This is it, Trained Life of DeeDee


  1. hahah.. I can so relate to this. Guess a Mumbaikars life is never complete without this.

  2. Hilarious.. esp the description under #2

  3. hehe been through number 2 and 6 for almost two years of my life, struggling my way in jam packed train, almost slugging it out with some idiots and bating for breath. It was my first tryst with local as I struggled to get out and once I learned the tricks, no looking back. Gosh! U've been through worse. Spot on! U re-kindle memories of a life spent in the city.

    1. Everyone who has travelled in the local has some memories to talk about lol

  4. Btw I wrote a short story on Mumbai on the other blog

  5. the last one made me laugh .. good you slept tension over :)



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