Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When do you plan to get married?

The inspiration for this post came from this article i read on

I thought I was the only one who was going through "old enough to have babies but still aren't married thing"

There are so many others our there going through this syndrome, not just in India, in China too.

"Ideal" age for a girl to marry is till 25, post 25 she is "old"...Like seriously? Are you fucking kidding me?

Every time a younger girl gets married and we get that glossy invitation at home.
My Dad has this "Why-not-my-daughter" look and Mom being Mom makes her concerns more audible "Look, kids younger to you are getting married"

Mom and Dad check the matrimonial websites and books, "See that, they are  searching for a bride for a 25 year old boy"
"Dee, You have to marry soon, else no one will give a second look at you"

Well, I look younger to my age, Yes I really do!
And, I don't get just 2nd look, I get the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th.....looks, So that concern is eliminated

I very regularly keep getting these comments like

"What are your plans for marriage?" (None of your business)
"Ahh, Next is you" (Thanks, for letting me know that Crystal Ball)
"Shadi ka khana kab khila rahi hai?" (Itna khayega phaat jayega fuggge)
"She got a husband, you will get one soon too, don't worry" (Who's worrying?)
"You have to lower your expectations" (Do you even know what are my expectations?)
"You have to adjust a bit" (Oh yeah, I can see how adjusting you would be for your daughter)

Every girl, has a checklist in her head for her mate. I have a set of decent expectations too.
No I don't want a hot, drop dead gorgeous hunk who drives his Daddy's Merc coz I know I ain't no sexy hot diva.
My expectations are just perfect in my head

When my parents started the search for me I was about 22-23 then for me only and only looks mattered "Broad shoulders, Nice eyes, Nice mane...nothing else really mattered..neither the family background, nor his job, nor his finances nothing" 

Then "Looks took the back burner, that doesn't mean I was looking for a tad ugly guy, but priorities changed for sure"

I get lines like "Why don't you find a guy for yourself?"
Well, to start with..
I'm lazy to find a guy
I don't know how love feels like
I don't trust my choices
I want my parents to to do the dirty work of finding themselves a Son-in-law

Its not just the elders who poke you with questions, Its even people from your own age or younger pinging or asking you on Whatsapp
"So, hows the groom searching going?"
(Stop looking for gossip)
"Have you got anyone yet?"
(If I did, I wouldn't be tagged Single)
"You should go to weddings and check men out"
(Sorry, I'm too busy checking out the food counter)
"Buddhi ho gayi tu, shadi karle jaldi" (BC....)

I have everything I want in life, a loving supportive family, lots of admirers, enough moolah for shopping and vacations.

Now at 29, I don't feel old.
Yes, I feel matured. I know am ready to marry. I know what I want from life.
But, I want a man who is of my choice. I don't want to marry out to pressure of "others are getting married"
I'm not desperate to get hitched.
I know my wait will be totally worth it


People who are trying hard to hitch me up. Give up. Like seriously, Give up. If I want I can hitch myself up, but I don't want to

People who ask me about my wedding plans. Ask only If you are planning to share the wedding and shopping expenses. Else, Refrain.

People giving marriage advises. According to you, I should be having a baby now huh! That means I am mature enough to handle my life, Right? SO let it be, If I ever wanted an advise, I would ask. So, Thank you and No Thank you

People who ask me my marriage plans, You have no idea how brutally I'm murdering you in my head. If you don't want to be murdered in real then save your self by STFU. Thank you

30 is the new 20, Fuck the biological clock. Science is advanced enough to help women have babies late too with minimal complications. So, that clause is also eliminated.
Now, I got just one sane reason to marry, and that reason happens to be whenever I want to...

Phew!!! Was I venting out or what and I still am not done yet......  
To be continued to next time I get start feeling like venting... :D


  1. Great post like always!

    Just love your blog posts..... The things you write about are so relatable!

    Keep blogging..... You are an inspiration to fellow bloggers like me. :)

    1. Aiyaaa thanks neha
      Readers like you inspire me to rant more

  2. Simply wow!!!! "Kahani har 25+ unmarried ladki ki" this should have been the title.... :P

    1. Arre kitna pareshan kartechai re....totally fed up


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