Monday, March 3, 2014

The Seduced Forbidden Fruit

She knocks his door and stands seductively as he opens the door for her.
Clad in a transparent low waist saree, flaunting that wet look hair-do, that slim chain over her slender waist, well koeled eyes and glossed lips and that low back, deep cut blouse made a perfect picture and enough to give him an instant hardness in his pants

Lying on the plush couch, talking in soft tones in a dim lit room. The soft music is in the air.

All he sees is her shiny glossed lips when she talks,
How would it feel on his lip?
How would it feel to probe my tongue tasting her?
How would the lips feel after the gloss is off?

Her long, well painted nails, trailing the front of his shirt, he felt his heart thumping so hard that the her finger might just burst it out of his chest.
He wanted to feel the long slender fingers pressed up on his chest, when he is above her
How would her moans sound when he kisses her, holds her by her waist and pulls her to him?

The saree, moves just enough to get a good view of the perfect molds of her body,
How would they feel in the curve of my palms, What color would it be, Dark brown? Pink? Light brown?
How would they feel when his tongue moves over it?
How would it feel to roll it in between his thumb and the index finger?
The thoughts were driving him crazy

How would it feel to dive deep inside her?
How would her warmth feel on him?

He wanted to feel her legs around him, intertwined and head thrown back in passion.
He wanted her then and there.

But, he couldnt have her
No he would never have her
For she is his Forbidden Fruit,
She is his wife's bitch best friend


  1. I think you meant kohled eyes!

    Forbidden fruit is always the object of fantasy! As long as he sticks to his fantasy there is no problem! :)

    1. Oopps I shall proof read the next time

      Lol...I don't think she is going to let him stick to his fantasies only


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