Thursday, February 6, 2014

With Love from Dad


Dear Little Daughter,

You have grown so fast.
I still remember you wrapped in a soft sheet, all pink, like a little angel in my hands.
I knew I loved you from that moment on and I sweared to myself that I will protect you forever.

You had me wrapped around your finger then on.
Appa with his little girl ages back
Your crooked smile means the world to me.
You are all grown, but still you shall always be my little baby.

I cant ever forget, your first words, your first step.
The times when you held my finger with your tiny hands while crossing the road, that touchy words "Appa, I will keep you safe  on a crowded street, hold my hand"
The times when I used to dress you up for school.

I remember our petty fights too. Many times I have been so very angry with you.
But, still when you cry, the tears are enough to melt my heart again for my little baby.

Even the thought of your accident and the pain you went through kills me inside.

Some day, a boy will come along asking me for your hand. I wouldn't say "yes" till im sure he can keep the apple of my eye happy.
I want a man for you who would love you more than I do.

Little Baby of mine. All I wanted to say is "I love you"



  1. Aww such a heartwarming post!!
    Father Daughter love is always adorable and you verbalize it in your letter :)

    love it!

    Defiant Princess

  2. Thank you princess
    i think every daughter is close to her Dad and Dad's are even more closer to their little princess's

  3. Aww this is so cute, and a feel-good post. I'm also daddy's little girl!

    1. :) Thank you Wanderer
      This is indeed a feel good post for me too

  4. daddy girl very sweetly wriiten

  5. The little girl has grown up to wear Gladiator shoes!!
    Why does the photo caption say "Appa with his little girl ages back"??
    I do not have any issue with the Appa with his little girl part of it... But ages back?? I thought you are still in the gen x category...the ones born in 80s :-). No?

  6. Cute letter from a Dad to his most prized possesion:)

    1. awww Vishal that is the sweetest thing anyone would have ever said


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