Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Ganpati Dance

Everyone has their own choice of music and dance moves.

Some like classics, rock, trance, metal, Legendary Kishore da and Rafiji
Some like mosh pits, head banging, Gangam style, Dabang style, Harlem Shake style moves everyone has a unique step.
I like them too.
Actually my choice of music is mood dependent.
Im more of a Bollywood music fan, a Hindi, off late a few Punjabi music fan.

But, deep down in me, I love like totally dig the rickshawala songs
Totally dhinchak, feet tapping, known as Ghati music....but I love it

I love sleazy item numbers too and my choice of such music have been evident from the time I was a kid . then I didn't know the meaning of a few songs but still used to scream them out loud much to the embarrassment of my parents.

My top favorite songs then were
"choli ke piche kya hai"
"sarkhaye liyo khatiya jaada lagey"
"sexy sexy sexy muje log bole" (My mom used to say...dont say sexy..its a bad word)
"Dhak dhak karne laga" (with the booty shake moves)
"Rukmani Rukmani shadi k baad kya kya hua"

No, I didn't have any freakin clue what any of it meant all I knew was Madhuri dances well and her bangles were lovely "KuK Kuk Kuk Kuk" sounded super cool
oh oh oh oh in Rukumani sounded awesome.

Every time I had a pillow fight I used to sing this "Sarkaye liyo khatiya.."
Even now, during chilly winters under the blanket I mumble this song.

I just totally love Ganpati dance.
Whenever wherever I hear the beats my shoulders start the jiggle.
I almost moved standing in one place at work too when I heard the music. If I weren't at work and if I it wasn't for the "good girl" image at work. I would have do started doing the "dhatara dhatara" moves right there.
I have to confess, I did rush off to the ladies washroom and danced for 2 minutes straight.
I have even gatecrashed baraats (wedding processions) playing this music danced and gone back to walking towards my destination.
I don't mind breaking into a Ganpati dance or a Nagin dance or a "Bhagra" in a high-end pub's dance floor. It gives me an immense adrenaline rush.

How can anyone forget the Nagin dance, snake shape hands over you heads and gyrate like a drunk snake is silly but so much fun
After dancing, I'm the most happiest self.

My all time favorite tracks are
"One two ka four, Anil Kapoor's Dhina Dhiin Dha"
"Dhagala Lagli"
"babuji zara dheere chali bijli khadi"
"dhagala lagli"
"aa re pritam pyaare"
"Nakka Mukka (Tamil Nakul version)"
"Aa Ante (Telegu Song")
"Baghtoy Rickshawala (Marathi song)"
"Patti Rap - Humse hai Muqabla"
"Urvashi Urvashi"

There are more but I can just remember these

To sound cool, I do have a few Trance, Metal, Soft rock that I hardly listen to.

But, to pep up my mood..I need my dose of "dhatara dhatara dhatara" on regular basis.

That is me the total "desi girl" :D

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  1. And I thought I was the only one who loved 'Aa re preetam pyaare' :P

    I love item songs. Something peppy about them that always lifts my spirits.

    1. Welcome to the club sista

      I try to imiate those pritam pyare moves n fail miserably always

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Waah ... apun ka choice bhi "ganapati dance" hich hai ... I just cant do the so called "sync" steps ... Ganpati dance makes one FREEE .... see the recent commercial of TATA Docomo ... OPEN UP ... where a man breaks into dance right in office ... kudos .. miss D***

  3. Whenever I dance, I make it a point to put Ganapati song. The song itself makes you rock and roll :D
    A very intriguing post O:)

    1. True that the music itself is rock n roll

  4. Totally love the Dhin Chak songs and the post. It's fab and high five:)


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