Friday, July 10, 2015

APED: Train of Life

Sitting huddled near the window of an almost empty First Class Ladies compartment in the Mumbai Local, clad in a red kurta and jeans, with clunky junk jewelry adorning her ears and neck, colorful bangles on her wrist sounding like distant bells with a big tote bag on her right, an open book on her lap and legs kept crossed on the empty seat in front of her.

quoted6It made a perfect picture of serenity looking at her, wisps of loose hair, adorning her face made her look like a little grown up pixie.

Looking outside the window, she saw the full round moon following he, cutting through the clouds, it looked as if the moon was was protecting her like silent protective lover, calm, quiet and bright. Just like her mind, which had a million emotions piling up at this very moment.

The rhythmic "khadak khadak" of the train was like a lullaby to her tired body. Moving on slowly from station to station, sometimes the platforms on the left, sometimes the right.
Many people getting in the train and getting off it.

Just like life, every train is a person and the tracks are life
Everyone has a destination to reach,
Some reach there fast, some reach there slow
Many trains have gone through the way that you are going on, many train will in future come by the same way
On the way many people, get in and get off at different stations of life
The stops of your life, like the station are sometimes on the right, sometimes left and sometimes both the ways
The other trains are like the people who pass by us.
Strangers become friends, friends become strangers
Some people get pushed, some get a permanent place
Some smiles, some anger, some hate, some love
Some trains have made a mark somewhere, some are just another everyday trains

Trains breakdown too...people hurls stones at it when angry...they garland it when happy...just like abuses hurled on a person

Like Life...The trains moves on.......

This post is written for A Prompt Each Day, Prompt 40
This post was written in 2014, I could think that this is apt for this prompt


  1. whoa. That is such a real portrayal. If we imagine, we can relate almost everything to our lives. Like the way you related the trains to human life.

    That's how life is, very much relatable yet entirely different :)

    great post!

    Defiant Princess

  2. Gaadi bula rahi hai..seeti baja rahi hai...

    1. Zindagi ke safar mei guzar jaatey jo makaam vo phir nahi aate vo phir nahi aate

  3. Wow, beautiful! That's life after all :)

    Wonderful take my lady :)

  4. Woah I just love the train analogy!

  5. Whoa! Love the Mumbai feel u've brought..when I first cam to stand near the door and feel the vibration when one train will rush past my compartment. What an awesome feeling:)

  6. love the quotes Dee! :))

    Gadis | |


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