Monday, October 7, 2013

Your call is important to us

"Our customer service representatives are busy on other calls. Please hold the line. Your call is important to us"

How many times have we heard this line when we call up our phone/credit card companies?

I wonder when they tell me that my call is important to them and they will be gutted if I cut the call after pressing out a million I really important?

It is so heart warming of me that I never cut the line..I patiently press 2 then 4  then 8 then # then 7..then patiently listen to their music and their promotional offers..

By then I put my phone on loud speaker, cook, clean my house, have a shower, straighten my hair..and now I'm 6th in the queue and my call is still important to them..

Now, someone comes on the line..and I pour out to him my heart content about my issue very nicely..after an hour of listening to the company's music...again my call is put on hold before they extract my data...again i listen to the music...
The person finally comes over and "apologizes" and gives the complaint number but being a normal girl i never have a pen and paper around and ask them to hold precisely for a minute..and by the time I come back the line is cut...

I again patiently redial go through the same ordeal..still being assured that my call is important and they are busy serving other customers even at 2.07am ..woooww lovely customer so touched
or else I just give up trying to be important to them..

I wonder
Why don't they follow the same policy for the pesky  tele marketing people..they call even after you have have hung up..why wont they give up...?
Why don't they follow the same policy if I miss my Credit Card payment by 1 day and suddenly I become the most important customer for real and all their operators are on my throat with swords to cut it off...

........................................"Your call is important to us"