Friday, August 30, 2013

Open Letter to the Hypocrites of Indian Society

Dear Hypocrites...rather skip the dear part of our Indian society

I know you worship Goddess Saraswati when you start studying..I know your business place surely adorns a picture of Goddess Lakshmi..Every Diwali you conduct a pooja of your lockers loaded with Lakshmi..

But, have you ever notices the way you treat your Ghar ki Lakshmi? 

You still want your wife to be under a hidden veil while you go around snooping the innocent maid..
You still consider a girl child as liability..You still kill female fetuses because you cant get a waaris  for your hypocritical khandaan.

You have double standards for a guy and a girl.
From the moment a girl is born till she dies, you treat her differently.
You say men and women are equal?
No...never is that possible in this life..

Women are not the weaker sex..they may not have a strong fist but she bears pains 7 times a normal endurance level of a human body during child birth.

You say, you treat your daughter's the same like your son?
Really do you..?

Tell you what..I can make a generic list of inequality imposed on feminine gender,

At Birth - female foeticide 
As a youngster - A girl doesn't get education its ok, since she is gonna only cook and clean..but boy has to get a good education....
In her teens - 1 girl roams with 10 men she is a slut, 1 guy goes around with 100 females he is a "guy its ok..he is a boy after all"
Engagement - Girl's engagement breaks..its her fault...guys breaks it must be the girls fault 
Girl is 30 something and unmarried - something is wrong with her..maybe she has an affair....guy is 30 n unmarried he was busy making a career
Marriage - girls parents bear most of the expenses, give their little girls too..
Girls have a tag like magalsutra and sindoor as a a proof of being "married"....a man is scot-free to lie to other women and chase them claiming to be unmarried

A couple doesn't have kids - the woman must be barren..
Women die of dowry deaths
A widowed women is not allowed to attend functions and treated as an outcast..but a widower is allowed everything.

Rapes happen on women.
Women groped, molested, eve teased by men
Women are victims of acid attacks
But, still according to you guys its the woman's fault.

There was a conversation I know of ,
A: You know about the rape case right?
B: yeah, must be the girl's fault, she must have worn sexy clothes
A: She was wearing a full sleeves salwar kameez with a nehru collar...nothing revealing

B; She must have smiled and made gestures at those men
A: She was playing a game in the phone and didn't even look up
B: She must be wearing a lot of make up
A: She was returning from work, all tired looking
B: Why did she go to that lonely place, that late?
A: She was pulled from a crowded bus stop and 6pm
B: She shouldn't have been alone then
A: She was with a guy
B: Thats the problem, these girls roam with men and accuse rape
A: She was with her brother
B: Ok, bye I have to go

This "B" is any common person, a man or woman of this society who will go to any extent to justify an act like rape.
You can make so many excuses for a rape to happen but do nothing to stop it.

Our law is such that rape cases go dragging for years together even in any fast track court.
Till then the victim is mentally and emotionally raped by the society and the accused roam out in bail.

The man who is less than 18 and rapes a girl, is should not considered juvenile after such an act. 
Abolish the juvenile age, deal every issue as case to case basis.
Punish him for his act and not his age..
But, no...we still live in the 5th century with follows archaic laws.

Teach your sons to respect women, and not abuse them.
Give your daughter that confidence that she is no less than a man.

Women are human too. Treat them like one.

A harrowed Indian girl

Monday, August 5, 2013

I Miss You...My Special Stranger

I am sharing my Do RIght Stories at in association with Tata Capital.

This post is dedicated to her...whom I know absolutely nothing about..not even her name
here was this really old, frail,bi spectacled woman outside Andheri West station. She used to stand in either the middle corridor or the end of the stairs and beg.
Never in the past 1.5 years have I seen her sitting or lazing or fretting. She always had this unexplainable aura about her.
Every time I saw her I felt this urge to go and hug her, or take her home, give her the comfort of a grand-mom. (Its really an different feeling altogether, I am not able to get words to express it).

This year on Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something special. I got her a bunch of roses, a scarf and chocolates.
I stopped by her, with curious,surprised,agast stares and hush hush around us. I gave her the gifts..and there was this glow in her eyes behind those old glasses. The roses made her really happy, coz when I gave her the gifts, all the said was "Phoool..." (flowers in Hindi) in a small feeble voice and gave a cute single-tooth smile.
I had this single tear, fighting hard not to escape my eyes. My heart was filled with this immense satisfaction.

That day onwards, we used to look at each other and smile, nod or wave. It was like we were expecting to see each other every morning.
I used to sometimes see her in the evenings at Dadar station too

Last one week, she was not there in her regular place.
I was actually missing seeing my stranger grand-mom.
My eyes were frantically searching.
I used to have horrific visions, and I used to calm myself saying "maybe she is in a different place".
But all that while, I had a very nagging feeling on the back of my mind that something was wrong somewhere.

Yesterday, I gathered all my guts and asked a ragged looking man about her.
What he said about her, broke a small part inside me...

He said she died, 10 days back....

My heart stopped beating for a moment,

There was no relation between us except for a daily smile, but the warmth in that little moment was deep that even today I can see her there...

I want to see her, I want that comforting look, I want that single-tooth smile...God, I so love my grand-mom

I know, she will know now how I felt for her....

My Grandmom...I miss you everyday!!! :_(

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