Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Divine Conspiracy

One fine evening I got an email from The Whitescape with a invite for me to be the Guest Blogger for her blog..

I went through her blog www.thewhitescape.wordpress.com . A beautiful, well-worded, nicely designed blog made me accept her request within reading just 2 posts on her blog.

Off late I am really starting to like guest blogging so I cooked up this post for her

This rainy season in Mumbai is stirring the "romantic" me...a stint of it is in this post


Love you Whitescape,
Thanks for inviting me to be your Guest blogger

Monday, June 3, 2013

I crush you...Till I find someone better

Hola Dahlings,

Yes, DeeDee is also writing on one of India's Top 30 blogs "Darlings of Venus" *Yippe, happy dance*

And this is DeeDee's second post on the DOV

Hope you enjoy it..