Monday, April 29, 2013

Autobiography of a Math book

My Name is Math...Applied Math..
The Most Feared, Most Dreaded, Most Hated Subject of all..

Hey, that'sa little show-off for my introduction..but in reality
I am lying here at the bottom of the To-Study List..Over me are all the other textbooks lined up.. English tops the Study-First section always..

Sigh..The moment kids pick me up..they start making this "Fuck man,Not Math again.." kind of expression..

Am I that bad?
Does everyone hate me that much?

Yes, I agree that I have too many "problems"
I am not "greater than" any one or consider anyone "lesser than" me..All are "equal"
I have my "plus and minus"...
I too like to "multiple" ..I was never into "divisions ...
My life has a lot of "tangents" "medians" "modes"..but who doesnt

Why do people hate me?

I also agree that am crazy about me "X"
I do think a lot about "sec x"
I have my own "limits" and "conditions"
I speak a lot of weird languages with symbols 'Pi" "theta" "alpha" "beta""dell" "null" "module"
I have two distinct personalities "Algebra" and "Geometry"
I am always in shape but my life is always in "circles"
I have so many weird people talking to me "Calculus and his brothers I, II, III" Uncle Pythagoras" "Newton" "Euler" and God knows who
I am diplomatic, I think of all "probabilities"

Still people hate me

I do have RHS and LHS to me like everyone
I try every "co-relation" techniques but always end up in "regression"
I use signs for every thing so that everyone understands me..but no one does
I am always "logical"
I have written "proofs" for everything
I always try to "integrate" but people think i make "derivative"

Why people hate me?

I am nice..I have always thought about good for my people.. I have done so much good for people who love me

I feel so lost in the "matrix" .."therefore" I declare myself  "infinite"

Every point, Every zero I would make would make so much difference in your salaries value...

Think about me...

Love me for what I am and what I did for you...

Monday, April 15, 2013

My first guest post - Bytes and Banter

First, Thank you to the admin's of

I was casually going through my email, when suddenly one email from Soumabha caught my attention.
It was an email asking me to be a guest blogger on his blog the

I was so excited to write my first guest blog that I came into my usual Nautanki self and wrote a rather "inappropriate" blog post, then I realized, with the kinda blog that is, a little saner me has to work on it.

He asked me to go through the blog and Once a started reading, trust me I spent all my afternoon reading their splendid blog.

I had sent my guest post for proof reading and Soumabha literally pulled the tensed exam giving 2nd admin of Shubham to proof read my blog post.

My saner brains work, my first guest post

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Since its the exam season now, I was thinking like..there are few questions that have been repeating for generations now..

I thought of listing down some FAQ/actions/lines's before, during and after the exams

1. Kitna padh k hua? (How much have you studied)

2. Kya important hai? (Which topics are important)

3. Aaj ka date kya hai (Whats today's date)

4. Extra pen hai kya (Do you have an extra pen)

5. Ek last sutta maarke chalte hai (lets puff a last cigratte before the exam)

6. Ye pass ho jau bass (I hope to clear this exam)

7. Abbe mereko kuch nahi aata hai, mai aaj gaya pakka (i dunno a thing, am screwed man)

8.*looking at the first question* lag gai (screwed)

9. *showing your friend the "throat cut* action

10. maine ye option mei chod diya aur vo hi aaya.. (i had left this topic in option and only that came in the exam)

11. Ye toh out of topic laga mereko (i thought this was out of the syllabus)

12. Tu extra supplement leke itna kya likh raha tha? ( what were you writing so much in that extra supplement)

13. Kal ke paper mei acha padega..promise (will study better for the next exam)

14. Main confirm fail (im gonna flunk)

15. Chit ka koi fayda hi nahi tha?

16. *in hush voice* paper dikha na? (show me your paper)

There surely are more of it..but right now I think these have to top the list.

All the best to everyone who is burning their midnight oils for your exams.

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