Friday, December 13, 2013

WOW - With Love

Its end of January and like every year for the last few years, I have started shutting myself off. Being single during the first half of February, especially when all your friends are couples is totally a dreaded prospect.

31 year old, slightly plump, with little flab around the waist, Yes, that's me. Single, virgin and bored with my life as a librarian meant for senior citizens in a deary old skeleton building.

I have always dreamt of having this perfect boyfriend, who would surprise me with things, take me to movie and dinner dates, whisper sweet nothings to me.
But, for now all that seems to be just a dream.

Every pre-valentines, the shops get laden with all heart shape toys, cards, pillows. I do make a face and walk off as if they don't make a difference to me, but in real it makes me scream inside "I want them too"..

Then came, that dreaded day..the 14th of February..Flower vendors making displays of red roses, heart shaped bouquets, couples air-kissing, chics blushing at their men who are proud about the gifts they got. Those lavish plans that my friends have boasted that their men have planned for them.
So many people in my train on leave, and are on special valentine's day holiday.

Phew!! With a huge sigh i entered my dully lit library, and plonked my big brown tote on my rickety table, that creaked with the weight of my bag.
Suddenly, my eyes fell on a well wrapped box on the leg of my desk.

 ‘I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it.’

 Like I have never ever received a parcel in my life, and never a well wrapped with a red satin ribbon bow on it.
With all my mixed emotion, I grabbed the card that was stuck on the box.
"To the love of my life.....from, A"

My hands automatically flew to my mouth, a happy tear stung to the corner of my eye.
"Darn, I recognize that handwriting,"..""Oh lord, after so long....he is here....and f*** he loves me...."

I wanted to jump high and punch the air,scream out loud "yaaaayyy..." but i just stood silently there with the box in my hand...thousands of emotions exploding in my head..

Slowly, I looked up at the picture of my Lord Shiva  and said "I'm finally going to have a Valentine..Thank you" with a smile of my face

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  1. What a sweet story and I hope it was true.
    Dropping by from the WOW prompt.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Suzy.
      and Thanks for commenting too..

      I wish I were true...and I hopes it true for someone in this world..


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