Tuesday, November 19, 2013

His Phoenix

He was out on his well-deserved vacation with his friends to this very popular resort.
The early morning breeze, the softness of the sunlight pouring through his window warmed up his chilled bones.
Came hell or high water, he being a disciplinarian, did not break his routine of having his morning jog, only today instead of his concrete jogging track he jogged along the beach.

That early morning he saw a shadowy figure going inside the waters, he curiosity knew no bounds, that lithe body, elegantly moving with the waves caught his fascination, those perfect curves made his body shiver with excitement. He peered closer to have a look at the creature that caught his attention.

All he could see was a "Phoenix tattoo with Tamil script that said drowned to ashes and came out stronger" etched on that bare skin on her nape.
There was something about her that he couldn't take his eyes off her.
She created these unknown feeling inside him that he never knew existed. He wanted to knw her. WHo is she? What is she? What was this weird feeling that he is experiencing?
In this flow of emotions, he suddenly lost the sight of her. She was like a dream.  He waited for more than an hour, but she did not surface out of the waters. She was gone.

5 years later 

It was a typical arranged marriage scenario, the parents set up a "girl seeing date" they see her, like her, guy talks to girl.
It had become a mundane task for him. This arranged marriage "girl seeing" thing was not his scene.

The memory "tattoo girl" was locked away in some corner of his being.

He had met many girls, as a prospective bride, but none really caught his heart. His parents hoped, this time at least it would be different.

He hadst seen the girl picture, he just went out of obligation for his parents.
The moment he entered the house, a pretty girl in saree was ushered in with a tray laden with tea cups and sweets.
There was something familiar about this girl, drooping eyes, lazily moving hips, lips rosy red, something about this girl that reminded him of someone.
the girl turned to go into the kitchen, she had a tattoo on her nape that was faintly visible through the flow of her hair.
'He had seen that tattoo before! If only he could remember where"

He just knew, he had this nagging feeling in his head.
He requested, the parents permission to talk to this girl in private, with their permission he was led to the garden, where she sat with her back facing to him one a chair.

Like a bolt of lightening it struck him.
Its her. Its his beach girl. Its the Phoenix.Those inscriptions. It was as if it was a divine signal back then
He knew now. Its her, he had had finally got the girl of his dreams

That year, he got engaged and married, to "His tattoo girl"


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