Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ban Porn.....Why?

Every time I see Sunny Leone's pic on any film magazine or an article on her, I cant help but wonder about this country who tag a an ex-porn star as an "aesthetic actress" and the women who get raped as "women with dented morals"

Phew!! What hypocrisy..

Indian Govt just passed a rule to "Ban Pornography" ..Like really? Are the dumb? Blind? or both?

From ancient ages, even from God's ages pornography is been going on...check out the Khajurao sculptures, Kamasutra, Ajanta-Ellora caves, Adam and Eve story and olden dayz paintings..Only now we have those in videos available at the click of a button..

Ok..n How exactly is "Banning Porn" gonna help the common public?

People used to see a 6 feet giant hunk shagging a sexy hottie on the kitchen counter and remove their frustrations and live their fantasies in their minds. Now, If that source of removing their anger, frustration, stress...or just time-pass is also banned...wont it increase the chances of more rapes and molestations?

In India, If your pizza guy (who is generally puny and skinny) delivers the pizza later that it should..either we either scream the life out of him or we get a free pizza of him..

But, in the porn-world...the pizza guy is a hot 6 feet tall, burly hunk and the customer is cute lonely lady in an oh-so-pretty house wearing a joke of an outfit..and forgives the pizza mess up in exchange of a "you-know-what"

A normal hormone-active man, whose mentality might be filthier than a combo of the garbage dump and a public toilet... would want to be that delivery boy atleast in his mind..through visual stimulation..if not in real...and..when he doesn't get even that...What happens?


Stop passing stupid Laws...Let people Live


  1. Replies
    1. So many new laws are stupid only dear

    2. So many new laws are stupid only dear

  2. it's democracy ..... ehh

    someone filed a PIL, they got their say !!
    we don't have resources(and permission to that ) we are helpless !!

    and then people come shouting "why leave INDIA, stay and work in your country !!"

    1. I so agree with you.
      Its a joke of a democracy

  3. Porn banaane waalon ke pet pe laat aur dekhne waalon ke thoda neeche!

  4. There was an article in Times of India on 9th July "'Porn' makes men hopeless in bed". This might be the reason behind government trying to Ban Porn sites...LOL; But Its not practically possible to Ban Porn sites.

    1. in that case it is said that Love stories make women fall hopelessly in love with too many expectations so love stories should be banned too

  5. There are ministers who were caught watching porn in the assembly !!!!

    i can bet they wont ban porn ... :P

    1. buddy this happened last year February 2012..n it took them a full year to pass this dumb law...


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