Wednesday, May 22, 2013

STFU - Shut that Freak Up

 I have a mouth that has an airplane motor without a brake fit to it..It doesn't know when to STFU (Shut Dafaq up) ---- P.S I love the word Dafaq... :-D

I have had so many foot-in-the-mouth moments..lordddddd...

#College gate
One of my friend's had built a lodge and had a pooja in there, We all were invited for it.
except for me and a friend Amit everyone else went in the morning coz we had our practicals..
After a tired day, we went and came back and met the rest of our group at the gate.
a Friend to Me: "Kahan gaye the dono"
Me (lazily stretching): Mei aur Amit lodge mai gaye the..

Loud enough for a 20 people group to hear me and assume the worst

From then on, whenever I passed by them I could hear hush-hush and giggles behind me

#College Bus Stop
I used to carry a pack pf Polo (mint with a hole) always in my bag..
In our group we had 12 guys and 2 girls including me..

Once, I gave my polo to all of them and in the end a friend Amol asked me
Amol: Dee, tune liya?
Me: Haan, Ek hath mei hai, Ek mooh mei

Again, the radius of 1 meter had a fit of laughter with red-faced me saying "bass kya..kuch bhi...corrupt log"

#Office Canteen
Conversation about the new canteen space and his service,

Friend: Uska space ab kafi acha hai and service bhi
Me: Haan uska kaafi bada ho gaya ab, jab deta hai tab josh mei deta hai else ekdum thakela service
Friend (looks at me with an evil grin) and whole table bursts out laughing

#In the local train, on the phone, in a Gents compartment (my side of the conversation)
Me: Haan Bhaiyya, aap dene aa hi jaana
Me: Haan, barabar, aage-piche dono side maarna
Me: Upar thoda hath maarlo acha hoga...
After I hung up, a guy friend with me gave a huge snort and went ROTFL all the way to our destination..and that ass even recorded the "wild conversation"
How...I mean...How do i get myself so stuck..
God Bless Me...
Btw... Jisko Blog samjha smile karo, Jisko nahi samjha jaake Pogo dekho

Sheeesssshhh... these have been the worst moments ever

Image Courtesy: (Rohit's cover picture)


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