Thursday, May 9, 2013

In the Summertime

Its summer...time to bring out those hot pants..pretty skirts..those cottons,,sexy tops...and party in a lovely beach..

Its that time of the year when beach, booze and babes are the USP (not Unique Selling Prop its Ultra Sexy Part) of the season..
Also, its time for the skin to bear the brunt of all this "Sunny" mood...*sigh*

But, why worry I did spend  a small chunk of my salary on sunscreens and sunglasses and scarfs...

Only thing in my mind is a little exotic holiday in the beaches of Maldives...maybe somewhere nearer...Andaman....*hoots hawls*...(Yea...Thank you).. aahh..hmm..

*logs in/checks account balance after shopping* Goa..maybe..

*calls up friends* Goa plan in progress *happy dance*

*convinces parents* Goa plan still in progress

*Applies for a week's leave* *DENIED* Goa plan goes down the drains with screams and shouts from friends *long sad face, turned back on my bed, head hidden under the pillow in a dark room*

And here I'm spending my summer time sipping refreshing Nariyal Paani at Juhu beach...So much for my exotic dream holiday..

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  1. Good D at least you got the Juhu beach to chill with a desi drink...
    This soul is slogging even on the weekends in this amazing climate for desis (read Canadian Summer)... Appreciate that you got a break from the monotonous routine unlike this majdoor :P

    1. You people working on weekends should slap yourself. ..

  2. Awwww....hope your Goa plan materializes soon..:)
    Meanwhile juhu beach is awesome too!

    1. Nariyal is more that I enjoyed instead of the hot, filthy beach
      I think someone should get the beaches cleaned of thrash and schmoozing couples

  3. plan for an october-november goa season.. no crowds..absolute peace...and you can apply for leave now... ;)

    1. Lets see kab hota hai materialize


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