Monday, April 15, 2013

My first guest post - Bytes and Banter

First, Thank you to the admin's of

I was casually going through my email, when suddenly one email from Soumabha caught my attention.
It was an email asking me to be a guest blogger on his blog the

I was so excited to write my first guest blog that I came into my usual Nautanki self and wrote a rather "inappropriate" blog post, then I realized, with the kinda blog that is, a little saner me has to work on it.

He asked me to go through the blog and Once a started reading, trust me I spent all my afternoon reading their splendid blog.

I had sent my guest post for proof reading and Soumabha literally pulled the tensed exam giving 2nd admin of Shubham to proof read my blog post.

My saner brains work, my first guest post


  1. It was a pleasure to have you guest post on our blog. Cheers and All the Best for the future !! :)

    1. Thanks Soumabha..The pleasure was all mine

  2. Hey Dee,
    Congrats for ur 1st blog as a guest.
    I went thru the blog and as usual I don't have anything else but praises for the nautanki you depicted there!
    Went thru your intro in the other blog and two places caught my attention:
    1) Dee Dee is a hardly working -- or does it mean hard working?? Typo?? or you are being pulled like Bharat Bhushan of Bheja Fry?
    2) At the essence she is just a girl who loves what she writes and cares about what the world thinks -- I know you care a damn what the world thinks... or don't I?

    heyyy w8.... don't read too much into this... YOU are FAB in ur blogs and just love them. Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Shekhar... I <3 your comments..seriously


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