Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Since its the exam season now, I was thinking like..there are few questions that have been repeating for generations now..

I thought of listing down some FAQ/actions/lines's before, during and after the exams

1. Kitna padh k hua? (How much have you studied)

2. Kya important hai? (Which topics are important)

3. Aaj ka date kya hai (Whats today's date)

4. Extra pen hai kya (Do you have an extra pen)

5. Ek last sutta maarke chalte hai (lets puff a last cigratte before the exam)

6. Ye pass ho jau bass (I hope to clear this exam)

7. Abbe mereko kuch nahi aata hai, mai aaj gaya pakka (i dunno a thing, am screwed man)

8.*looking at the first question* lag gai (screwed)

9. *showing your friend the "throat cut* action

10. maine ye option mei chod diya aur vo hi aaya.. (i had left this topic in option and only that came in the exam)

11. Ye toh out of topic laga mereko (i thought this was out of the syllabus)

12. Tu extra supplement leke itna kya likh raha tha? ( what were you writing so much in that extra supplement)

13. Kal ke paper mei acha padega..promise (will study better for the next exam)

14. Main confirm fail (im gonna flunk)

15. Chit ka koi fayda hi nahi tha?

16. *in hush voice* paper dikha na? (show me your paper)

There surely are more of it..but right now I think these have to top the list.

All the best to everyone who is burning their midnight oils for your exams.

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  1. hahaha, are you in school or college? otherwise it's impossible for anyone to remember all these FAQs. absolutely spot on! while going through these lines some of the images from my school/college days flashed through my mind.

    1. Thanks Debajyoti
      Im neither in college or school...but these were my patent dialogs for sure :P

  2. except for 15, have used all!! :D

    1. So ur one of those shareef students..hmmm

    2. yeah..dumbly shareef to the point of getting kts but not copying.. :D

  3. * pass ho rha hai kya tu ?
    * BC pata nai kisne paper set kiya tha !!
    * ATKT exam ka schdule kab lagega !!!
    * (Prayer) hey bhagwan aaj ka exam kuch bhi kar ke nikal do mereko !!

    1. hehehehehe chetu.....bullz eye....n mei pass karke koi nacha toh uko phatki...tu kab itna padhai kiya bey

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. kya comment maarun..... Sala Dimag ka dhahi bann jata hai jab exams likhne jata hoon.... y 3hrs of exam... likhte likhte haath ghis jati hai... vaise kisi ka bhi answer pata nahi hota but jo ek topic pad liya usko he yahan vahan sabi questions ke liye answer bana ke chap diya.... thukke pe laga tho laga... saala apna kismat achcha tha jo bach gaye varna ye answers ke liye kitne baar ludak jate.... arey yaar intni bakwas bada chadake 3-4 supplementary sheets pe likhenge tho teacher bhi pak jayegi padke (jaise aap log abhi :P )....... tho naturally marks tho dena padega.... par jab bahar nikle kuch dost logon se bolo jabardast likha ek bhi nahi choda aur kuch logon se saale BC meri tho fati... next suppli mein i am there for sure to write again....

    1. Haay rabba JVS lagta hai exam ka bahut gehra sadma hua hai tuje... Chill maar beta


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