Monday, April 29, 2013

Autobiography of a Math book

My Name is Math...Applied Math..
The Most Feared, Most Dreaded, Most Hated Subject of all..

Hey, that'sa little show-off for my introduction..but in reality
I am lying here at the bottom of the To-Study List..Over me are all the other textbooks lined up.. English tops the Study-First section always..

Sigh..The moment kids pick me up..they start making this "Fuck man,Not Math again.." kind of expression..

Am I that bad?
Does everyone hate me that much?

Yes, I agree that I have too many "problems"
I am not "greater than" any one or consider anyone "lesser than" me..All are "equal"
I have my "plus and minus"...
I too like to "multiple" ..I was never into "divisions ...
My life has a lot of "tangents" "medians" "modes"..but who doesnt

Why do people hate me?

I also agree that am crazy about me "X"
I do think a lot about "sec x"
I have my own "limits" and "conditions"
I speak a lot of weird languages with symbols 'Pi" "theta" "alpha" "beta""dell" "null" "module"
I have two distinct personalities "Algebra" and "Geometry"
I am always in shape but my life is always in "circles"
I have so many weird people talking to me "Calculus and his brothers I, II, III" Uncle Pythagoras" "Newton" "Euler" and God knows who
I am diplomatic, I think of all "probabilities"

Still people hate me

I do have RHS and LHS to me like everyone
I try every "co-relation" techniques but always end up in "regression"
I use signs for every thing so that everyone understands me..but no one does
I am always "logical"
I have written "proofs" for everything
I always try to "integrate" but people think i make "derivative"

Why people hate me?

I am nice..I have always thought about good for my people.. I have done so much good for people who love me

I feel so lost in the "matrix" .."therefore" I declare myself  "infinite"

Every point, Every zero I would make would make so much difference in your salaries value...

Think about me...

Love me for what I am and what I did for you...


  1. I used to think that math is, by far, the meanest subject of them all. Considering I'm a writer, its self-explanatory how good I am at it :P

    Loved your take on it :D

    1. Peevee I still loathe math huny
      Thanks for reading

  2. you are a mathematical genius if this is an original piece.. :P

    1. Humbl buddy cent percent original
      My hate for math n the row of kt's came out when I thought what wud math think about me
      Thanks for reading

  3. that was quite a post...math...dreaded subject...till date.. but this was soo cool :D

    1. Hey confused...I still cant understand one concept clearly...
      Math phobia led to so many atkts

  4. i love math as long as things don't go beyond addition and subtraction.

    lovely post! brilliant use of the terminologies!

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment debajyoti
      I still use fingers to count...*sigh*

    2. I wonder how Thakur would be counting then :P

    3. He has feet n toes deary

  5. the probability of liking your article is near to 1.

  6. Ran in jan..thanks for reading the article..
    But I aint no Math literate so I dunno if the comment was a compliment or not...

    But thanks anyways


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