Monday, March 11, 2013

Wrong Turn

One wrong turn, turned his life upside down.
That rainy eve, cold winds blowing around, that foggy road, that almost clouded his vision. The moist glass of his car, the scene reminded him something right out of a Bollywood flick..

The fog, made him miss a turn and here he is now stranded in nowhere, with a car that is broken down and the only light on the dark road was the yellow flickering tail light of his own car.

Sitting inside the Mercedes, he felt like a stupid trapped animal..He turned his left wrist to check the time on his new expensive Tag Heur.. "Ohh hell, Have I been in this place for 45 mins...darn..without a mobile signal"

And then..there was a slight knock on his frosted window...

All he saw was a lithe shadow in red..looked like a female...
He was half tempted to shoo her away, then he realized, maybe she was stuck too in this alien land.

He rolled down the window to look at the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen, the thought of turning her away just flew off the open window.
Her face was covered with a black dupatta, that was wet and matted on her face. He could see the soft contours of her lips that were visible through the opaque wet dupatta. That well chiseled nose, and perfectly curvacious body made quite a facinating picture in front of him.
Without saying a word, he opened the passenger door for her to get in.
Quietly she got in the car and was fidgeting with the end of her wet dupatta.

After 20 minutes of silence, the night started to creep in, crickets starting to chirp around, fog started to clear. In the stillness of the car, he slowly tried to lean over her to kiss her... and she gave him this startled frightened  look and said....

"Papa, Mei hu Chinky....Bike kharab ho gai thi...Aapko dekh k aa gai mei..."
(Daddy, Its me Chinky, My bike broke down and came her when I saw you)

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  1. But for all the near-perfect features of her's, her name turned out to be "Chinky" ?? :O

    Serious disappointment...! :P :P

    1. Ghar ka pet name hai re.... appa ko bolegi to yehi bolegi na..

  2. Agree with GK :P I thought it was going to be a spooky one, but the laugh line was seriously funny! :P Good one! :)

    1. Thanks Adreamygal :D

      i intended to write something else..but it turned out to be something..

      all izz well :D

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  4. Bapu ko KLPD!!
    Isliye bolte hai ke control karna aana chahiye :-)

    1. Boss mahol......
      itna mast mood banegi...baju mei bhigi item baiti toh konsa normal man ka umeed nahi jaagega bhai

      Uncle ka bad luck kharab tha jo item beti nikli

    2. Dee I have a question and had been thinking since my last post....20 min tak wo kya kiye?

    3. He was thinking re... ab karu...kab karu...kya karu..kaise karu...pakka karu na....etc etc

  5. a dad who didn't recognize his own daughter??
    not even the dress shez wearing??
    a lil lack of imagination there, sure you can do better than that..

    1. some rich out of focus daddy's dont remember dresses re....
      mommy's do


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