Monday, March 25, 2013

How I got over my Dog-Phobia

I had this big big..ultra big fear for dogs from the time I was in my 7th much so that I used to hold just anyone who is near me if a dog came anywhere in 10 meters radius around me..If it would start to bark and growl I would have fainted for sure..I used to cross the roads to get away from dogs...even pups..

When I was in my 7th std...on my way to school, I had a textbook in my hand..A dog was trying bite it or something..and I pushed it with my book...That's it!!
It barked trice and there was a huge army of 20-25 dogs appearing out of nowhere..from under the cars, from the gutter, behind the trees, garden seats everywhere...I was scared to much so that I screamed my lungs out and started running frantically in all the direction...I went and hugged some random man wailing and pleading him to save me from these dogs...
From then on..I have had this dinosaur size dog phobia...Until........I met Rani

Initially, I was scared of her too..I didn't go near her...

Rani of Kaivalyadham
One evening, she peacefully plonked herself on my bag and no amount of shooing worked. Very cautiously I went near her...She looked up from where she was seated and those eyes had so much much kindness...I couldn't help myself..automatically my hand went to her head and i started patting her...She sweetly closed her eyes and made this "Thank you" expression and got off my bag..

Again next day, she was lazing in the shades of the mangroves, the moment she saw me...she got up and walked up to me...looked up with the same "please caress me" look..

Then on...all week that I was there..I used to specially go to the mangroves to meet Rani..sometimes with biscuits for her..
5 minutes with Rani, and obviously no communication between us..Just caressing and patting...I felt that unconditional love..I knew she could understand me..
She had this "Don't go" look when I told her I wont be coming from now on...That eve, Rani walked with me till the gate of the mangroves..

Now Rani is a 1000kms away from me..I don't think I would ever see her again...but thanks to her..I love dogs now

After that day, I can see Rani in every dog...
Now, I have Deewana, the angry dog of my office premises, who has an attitude of a lion but nature of a kid and 6 little pups in my office premises

(Left) The 6 pups- one in hiding, (Right) Deewana
Deewana, surely does understand everything..and is very protective too..
One night, when I left work very late and it was all dark outside, Deewana came out and waited with me till I got a rickshaw and only after he was convinced that I was safe, he went back..

That I think is one of the best moments in my life, and It feels immensely beautiful to be loved unconditionally

Thank you Rani...Thank you Deewana and the pups
I know you would never read this post..It just my way of saying "I love you too"

Picture Courtesy: Samsung Images of my phone and MS-Paint to join the pics


  1. that was sooo sweet :)

    P.s. my fear for dogs keep growing..but at least now I dont run...aaah :/

    1. I used to literally go insane..i didn't mind looking like a crazy barbarian but i used to run havoc

      Now I love doggies..I fight with people who are mean with dogs...360 degrees change :-)

  2. Life of D!!

    Chang li (marathi for good)

    1. :-D
      Just another moment of Nautankiness

      Mi tumchi khhop aabhaari Shekhar saheb (im obliged in marathi)

  3. wonderful...
    i have a friend who went 360 for his wife while they were dating...
    lov(e)in(g) dogs..
    now they have a pet 6 month old lab...

    as for me..the animal kingdom loves the devil.. :D

    1. aahh..animals..atleast dogs are are still not ok with cats and other species

  4. I still hate dogs.. I occasionally gather the courage to pet some of my cuzins dogs but thats about it. Hopefully I'll find my Deewana soon (Ok, dat actually sounds weird cming frm a straight guy :P)

    1. hahahaha hopefully you find your Rani soon.... :P

      You may fall in love..

      All the best for the special day

  5. One the best articles by you Paa, touching n sweet. I m wondering how did i miss reading this article last month since i m a fan of your blogs.

    1. Thanks meshy...
      you were too busy last month i guess... :P


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