Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Philosopher in me rose 5 months back...

I wrote this I think 5 months back.... and emailed this to a friend.... 99% times I dont remember what I write...seriously...I write on "spur of the moment" situation....

I was going through my emails when I found this....and I was like...dafaq...did I write this....woaaahhhh Im a genius (pats to me)

We all meet someone new everyday.. yet sometimes we feel left out..

Thousands of reasons to be happy...yet someone's tears makes us forget all those reasons..

Many a time we couldn't speak what we actually want to...

And sometimes we fail to express what we actually want to..

Life is a long journey of meeting,breaking up, fighting, laughing with people whom we adore... but we often fail to value them when time comes...

Speak up the truth... cry if you don't wanna lose that person.. be the 1st one to hug your bestie... and take a step back silently if you see you are needed no more..:)

Coz as the saying goes...You haven't lived a perfect life until you owe someone something which they can never repay..

Genius...Aint I....... 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You Avichal...
      You write well your latest post

  2. I guess its not just write up, its feeling in words .. I loved the last line. It says a lot, and gives a hope too :)

    1. ADreamyGal Thanks dear :-)

      I hope this post does bring smiles to people...

      Happy New Year

  3. Sahi hai bheedu, u started off 2013 with a simple but very true set of thoughts :-)

    1. Thanks Mri :-)

      2013 is a lovely sure is going to be...we do hope

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  5. Awesome! It was like, you wrote my feelings :) I really like that last saying: "You haven't lived a perfect life until you owe someone something which they can never repay.."
    Like Like :)


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